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Mods created for Kerbal Space Program

Mods gomker follows

1.0.1 for KSP 1.9.0

Kerbin Side Remastered

A new remade Kerbin Side!

Kerbin Side Remastered for KSP 1.12.2


1.5.1 for KSP 1.5.1

Kerbin-Side Complete continued

Contuniation of Kerbin-Side

Kerbin-Side Complete continued

2.1 for KSP 1.7.3

ASET Avionics

1.5 for KSP 1.7.3

ASET Props

1.9.1 for KSP 1.10.0

Aircraft Carrier Accessories


Aircraft Carrier Accessories for KSP 1.8.1


v2.0.1 for KSP 1.3.0

OPT Space Plane

OPT space plane parts

OPT Space Plane for KSP 1.12.1

EVA Parachutes & Ejection Seats for KSP 1.12.2

HullcamVDS Continued for KSP 1.4.5


1.3.15 for KSP 1.9.1


0.31.1 for KSP 1.1.3

K.R.X. Kerbal Rotor Expansion

Need More Rotors?

K.R.X. Kerbal Rotor Expansion

1.0 for KSP 1.1.2

Destruction FX

3.1.2 for KSP 1.11.1

Orbit Portal Technology [OPT] Spaceplane Parts

OPT Legacy: Retired parts and expansion pack

Orbit Portal Technology [OPT] Spaceplane Parts

2.0.2 for KSP 1.1.2

Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics

1.7.1 for KSP 1.6.1

Speed Unit Changer

v0.84b for KSP 1.3.1

NKD - North Kerbin Dynamics for BDArmory

3.7.2 for KSP 1.10.0

Throttle Controlled Avionics

v3.9.2 for KSP 1.4.4

Large Boat Parts Pack

0.0825b for KSP 1.12.2

scatterer for KSP 1.12.2


0.7.0 for KSP 1.4.3

NAS - Naval Artillery System