A memory light 'Stock-a-like' expansion pack that relies solely using the MODEL{} to reference Squad's textures and get a lot of 'bang for buck'

License: CC-NC-SA-4.0

Game Version: 1.12.5

Downloads: 318,308

Author: linuxgurugamer

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This is a revival of the SXT - Stock eXTension mod, originally published by @Lack

Updated for 1.2. The truck had some parts redone and works well, it includes the Bounce dll from the WorldCup mod (for the airbags), and RetractableLiftingSurface, which I wrote to support the folding wing.

Given the size of this mod, I'm sure there will be some issues. Please let me know about them so that I can get them fixed.


Some of the parts (see below) use some Squad textures. Unfortunately, in 1.5, some of the textures it uses have been moved into the zDeprecated directory, and are not directly accessible during loading. This causes some textures to be missing.

To address this, I've provided a pair of scripts, one to be used on Windows and the other to be used on both Linux & OSX. These only need to be run one time

Windows Instructions

Open the SXT folder in Windows Explorer Double-click on the file Windows_CopyTextures.bat (note that on most systems, you won't see the .bat)

Linux & OSX Desktop Instructions

Open the SXT folder Double-click on the file:

Linux & OSX Terminal Instructions

Change to the GameData/SXT directory Type the following: bash

Affected Parts

LV-T80 "Robin" Liquid Fuel Engine The hub and related pipes 3.75m Stage 3 Tank

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