MissingHistory CKAN

Handy parts to complement Making History.

License: CC-BY-NC-SA

Game Version: 1.12.3

Downloads: 94,348

Author: Snark

Mod Website: Forum Thread

Followers: 173

Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

What it does

Adds (or updates) various parts that I wish MakingHistory had included, but didn't.

See the gallery below for a full list of available parts from this mod.

Why would anyone want this?

I love all the new parts in Making History, and all the new design options they open up when I'm building my ships.

However... it just feels like there are a few "holes" where I wish they'd added a bit more. The 1.875m tanks all have a new look, and the 2.5m tanks got reskinned to match... but the 1.25m tanks still have the old textures and look kind of dingy in comparison. Similarly, the new engines are cool, but they have a very different style from the old stock engines, and the contrast can be a bit jarring-- and I'd love to have some new design options at the 1.25m size. It's great to have 1.875m available as a new stack size... except that other than engines and tanks, it's missing pretty much any other stack components, making it a bit awkward to use as anything other than a radial booster. And the lack of a fueled conical adapter from 2.5m to 3.75m is just aggravating to me.

Anyway, this little mod is my attempt to fill some of those gaps. Would love for this to become obsolete if-and-when they release some "real" parts to address these needs, but until then, I'll make do with this.

How to install

Unzip the contents of "GameData" to your GameData folder, same as with most mods. (Note, includes ModuleManager.)

Additional optional configs, which you can install if you want them, are in a separate "Optional" folder within the zip file. See below for details.

License info

  • The Porkjet parts and config here (everything in the MissingHistory/PorkjetParts folder, when installed), is licensed CC-BY-NC 3.0 by Porkjet / Squad.
  • Model & texture of Mk2-B "Palici" command pod is CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 by steedcrugeon.
  • Model & texture of PPD-7 "Stowaway" Storage Container is CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 by JadeOfMaar.
  • The gray/orange texture for the 1.25m tanks is CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 by Jarin.
  • Everything else is CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 by Snark.


Mk2-B "Palici" command pod

Kindly provided by steedcrugeon! A 1.875m command pod, with similar stats to Making History's Mk2 command pod... but whose top diameter is 1.25m rather than 0.625m. Design is suitable either for flight operations or as a lander.


Note: The pod is fully playable, but does not yet have its own custom IVA. As a stopgap, it re-uses the Mk2 pod's IVA, which is playable. (If you don't have Making History installed, the pod is still playable but won't have an IVA.)

PPD-7 "Stowaway" Storage Container

Kindly provided by JadeOfMaar! A 1.875m crew cabin that seats three kerbals.

Stowaway Stowaway

Note: The cabin is fully playable, but does not yet have its own custom IVA. As a stopgap, it re-uses the Hitchhiker's IVA. (So don't be surprised when you see an additional, empty seat in there.)

1.875m parts

A variety of parts for 1.875m stacks:

  • Probe core
  • Battery
  • Reaction wheel
  • Service bay
  • Cargo storage container (not shown in picture below)
  • Xenon tank
  • Ore tank
  • SRB

Not new models; these are just standard 1.25m parts that I've tweaked via ModuleManager config.

Here they are, with a Palici command pod for comparison:

1.875m parts

Note that the battery and reaction wheel are equipped with config to support IndicatorLights, if it happens to be installed.

Porkjet's overhauled 1.25m engines

New models for some 1.25m engines:

  • Reliant
  • Swivel

In addition, two new engines are added: the Pug (a "half-Terrier" in terms of thrust and mass) and the Valiant (a "half-Swivel").

Atomic engines from Porkjet

Introducing 0.625m and 1.875m nuclear engines, for all your interplanetary needs:


  • "Candle" Radioisotope Rocket: 0.625m nuclear engine. 0.18t, 3 kN, 600s vacuum Isp.
  • BKN-7 "Beacon" Heavy Nuclear Engine: 1.875m nuclear engine. 6.5t, 120 kN, 900s vacuum Isp.

Models and textures taken from Porkjet's excellent mod Atomic Age, which has, alas, been defunct for many KSP versions. I've tweaked and rebalanced the engine config to suit my tastes.

Many thanks to JadeOfMaar for kindly creating new rocket plumes for the two engines!

Note: If you're using these new engines, you'll likely be wanting some liquid-fuel-only tanks to go with them. SimpleFuelSwitch is one way to solve that problem.

Optional config tweaks

A separate folder named "Optional" in the zip file provides additional configs that you can install if you want them. These are tweaks to "standard" Making History parts to address certain... peculiarities.

Since these tweaks are changes to the base parts, they can affect compatibility if you share .craft files with others, which is why they're provided here as optional components.

Currently, the only tweak included is a fix for the Cheetah, so that its bottom attachment node isn't dangling down in space practically half a meter below the bottom of the engine (it just bugged me, okay?) Other tweaks may be added in the future.


  • Q: Will this mod work even if I don't have Making History?
  • A: Yes, it will work just fine on stock KSP! A few caveats, though. First, there are certain parts that depend on Making History models, so you won't get those if you don't own the expansion. Also, the various 1.875m components will be a lot less useful to you if you don't have all the 1.875m tanks and engines from Making History. Other than that, though, it'll be fine.
  • Q: Hey, there are hardly any new models of your own at all, here. It's just some rescaling of stock parts and some config for the free Porkjet models that released a year ago. Isn't that a pretty half-assed way to make a mod?
  • A: Yes.
  • Q: Why don't you produce some actual new models?
  • A: Because I have no artistic talent or modeling skills, and this gets the job done with the time I have available.
  • Q: Hey! Didn't Porkjet release two versions of each engine, one "bare" and one "boat-tail"? Why don't you make these engines do the variant-switching thing between those two, like all those cool new engines in Making History?
  • A: Short answer is "because I couldn't figure out how, in the hour or so I spent tinkering with it." First, the whole "variant switching" thing is brand new to KSP, and I don't have any documentation to go by, so after a certain amount of futile trial-and-error effort, I gave up. Also, it's worth noting that Porkjet modeled these "variants" as separate parts, over a year ago when variant-switching wasn't a thing yet, and I don't know if it's actually physically possible to get them to work together as a single part with variants. If anyone else manages to figure this out, please let me know-- I'm all ears, and I'd happily add it to the mod.
  • Q: What about reskinning the other stock KSP engines?
  • A: Would love to, except that Porkjet only released the engines that you see here, and as I mention above, I have no modeling skills myself.
  • Q: Do the new "Valiant" and "Pug" engines have exactly the same config as what Porkjet released?
  • A: Nearly. I tweaked them in a few minor places where I thought some balance was appropriate, but they're pretty close to Porkjet's config.
  • Q: Hey! Porkjet put a whole bunch of "upgrade" options into the engines, and I don't see any upgrades for anything here. What gives?
  • A: I just deleted the upgrades, and did a bit of balancing on the stats to make up for it. Part upgrades are an interesting idea, but they've always felt like a bit of a second-class citizen to me in KSP-- the stock game doesn't use the feature at all, and it shows. It's always felt a bit "half-finished" and not fully supported. So, I just removed all the upgrade options to keep things simple. Porkjet's original config is available here if you'd like to tinker with it yourself.
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