IndicatorLights CKAN

Helpful LED indicators to show status. Includes standalone parts and enhancements to existing ones.

License: CC-BY-NC-SA

Game Version: 1.12.5

Downloads: 306,566

Author: Snark

Mod Website: Forum Thread

Followers: 256

What it does

Adds various helpful LED "indicators" to enhance your ships. Broadly speaking, these fall into two categories:

  • Standalone parts: radially attachable LED lights with customizable colors, which can be toggled on/off with action groups.
  • Enhancements to existing parts: add LEDs to stock parts to provide a visible, automatic indication of part status (such as whether a fuel cell is on or off).

For details, please see the IndicatorLights wiki, which includes a complete player's guide and modder's guide.

How to install

Unzip the contents of "GameData" to your GameData folder, same as with most mods. (Note, includes ModuleManager.)

Note: You may also want to take a look at IndicatorLights Community Extensions, which includes community-supplied patches to add indicator lights to various popular third-party mods.

Things to like

  • Lots of neat features; see gallery below, or the player's guide for full details. Or check out this video review by Kottabos.
  • Lightweight. The "lights" don't actually illuminate anything-- they're just emissive textures that "glow". This means they're computationally cheap and you can have lots of them.
  • Very modder-friendly. Extraordinarily flexible .cfg design allows modders to create remarkably complex behaviors without needing a single line of plug-in code. And it's very thoroughly documented, with plenty of examples, to make it very easy for you to mod your own parts using IndicatorLights. See the modder's guide for full documentation.
  • Third-party mod support is available via IndicatorLights Community Extensions.
  • Configurable colors. All colors in the mod are player-configurable. (Handy if you have color-blindness issues, or simply don't like my default color choices.) Details here.
  • Support for Making History parts. 'Nuff said.
  • More on the way! I'm not done yet; still adding new content and features.


(please see the player's guide for full details about these features)

New parts

At the moment there's just one part, the BL-01 Indicator Light:

BL-01 Indicator Light turn signals


All stock batteries have indicators that show the battery's status.


Fuel cells

Activity status indicators.

fuel cell fuel cell array

Reaction wheels

All reaction wheels now have LED indicators that show their status.

reaction wheels

Docking ports

Fuel crossfeed status, docking-field notification.

docking ports

Crew modules

Occupancy indicators, color-coded by profession. (If Community Trait Icons is installed, will take colors from that mod. Otherwise, uses IndicatorLights config.)

crew indicators

Making History

ISRU units

Per-resource converter status lights.


Science instruments

Solid glow when instrument contains science. Blinks when instrument is empty but useful science measurements are available.


Resource scanners

The orbital survey scanner and surface scanners have indicators to show status.



All antennas have indicators that light up when they're transmitting science data.



For anyone who has the Breaking Ground expansion to KSP, gotcha covered. wink


More on the way

As described above, I'm not done yet.

Please see the IndicatorLights wiki for planned features.

Feedback welcome!

My main motivation for making this available when it's still a pre-release is to give folks the chance to try it out and let me know what they think, including "gosh, I'd sure like it if it could do {thing it doesn't do now}."

A note of thanks

Deep gratitude to NecroBones and VintageXP, both of whom provided patient, expert instruction to a clueless newbie (i.e. me) who didn't know Blender and Unity from a hole in the ground. This is my first parts pack, and I would have been totally at sea without the help of these fine gentlemen. Their assistance made this mod possible (though they bear no blame for the crudity of my models, that's entirely my own!)

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