SimpleConstruction! (SCON) by matterbeam

This mod aims to provide simple craft building capability in flight mode to stock parts.

License: GPL-3.0+ARR

Game Version: 1.9.1

Downloads: 84,209

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Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

SimpleConstruction! (SCON)

SimpleConstruction! (SCON)
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This addon aims to provide simple craft building capability in flight mode with stock parts and streamlined IRSU mining for Kerbal Space Program.

By zer0Kerbal, originally by MatterBeam and then by RealGecko; then previously from EricWi

adopted with express permission and brought to you by KerbSimpleCo

SimpleConstruction! Hero

Resource Flow

  %%{init: {'theme': 'forest', 'themeVariables': { 'primaryColor': '#bada55'}}}%%
  graph LR
  id[Resource Flow];
    Drill-->StoreOre((Ore Tank)) & ISRU
    ISRU-->StoreMetal((Metal Tank)) & ScienceLab
    ScienceLab-->StoreRP((RocketParts Tank))--> Workshop

Preamble by MatterBeam

After testing out Extraplanetary Launchpads and Roverdude's MK/OKS, MatterBeam had the idea of creating a simple, user friendly mod that would allow you to build rockets without taking a 200MB hit to RAM or having to juggle multitudes of resource pathways. If you know how to set up a drill, ISRU and a fuel tank for an Ore to Fuel conversion, then you should know how to build rockets.


  • No extra parts
  • No RAM usage
  • Added functionality for the Mobile Processing Lab in the late game
  • Simple, configurable and adds levels of depth to the gameplay without a learning curve
  • Ore --> Metal --> RocketParts --> rockets!

Cabin notes by zer0Kerbal

  • Will remain prerelease until taniwha releases Extraplanetary Launchpads as release instead of alpha/beta/prerelease and so new prereleases ONLY available on CurseForge
  • I have not personally tested the patches
  • Known issue(s)
  • If the offset/rotation gizmo's are used on the docking ports, the spawn location might be off. This is a known issue and a feature request has been sent to taniwha
  • Kerbalism compatibility is considered EXPERIMENTAL.
  • certain builds may require no RocketParts and time to complete. We are aware of this and any assistance with this issue would be appreciated.
  • most images/shields are also links.

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<details> <summary>Youtube logo</summary> > Review by [`Kottabos Gaming`](*/) > > [![Kottabos talks SimpleConstruction!](]( </details>



  • English English
  • Dutch Dutch - bedankt x13x54
  • Français French (Français) - merci beaucoup izeau (Jean Dupouy)
  • (Deutsch) German (Deutsch) - danke unknown
  • Chinese (简体中文) Chinese (简体中文) - xièxiè - wèizhī (谢谢 - 未知)
  • your translation here

Extraplanetary Launchpads

  • English English
  • Português Brasil Brazilian (Português Brasil)
  • Chinese Chinese (简体中文)
  • Dutch Dutch
  • Français French (Français)
  • your translation here

Kindly help translate Extraplanetary Launchpads by taniwha See above for instructions. Github Repo

Help Wanted

  • Compatibility patches
  • Testing of experimental features:
  • A config that turns a STOCK part (Klaw) into a recycler
  • discussion and download on GitHub
  • Contracts for these glorious parts
  • Sample crafts/subassemblies
  • Variant textures and model updates (add/improve: lights, iva, hatches et al)
  • Converting from FireSpitter to Stock and/or KSPWheel
  • Marketing Images and Videos such as hero shots, animated gifs, short highlights
  • Translations: See the README's in the Localization folder for instructions for adding or improving translations. There is also the quick start guide(s). GitHub push is the best way to contribute. Additions and corrections welcome!
  • Have a request? Glad to have them, kindly submit through GitHub.

Installation Directions

Most recent releases only available via CurseForge/OverWolf Website/App

CurseForge/OverWolf App



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  • parts, plugin, config, flags, convenience, editor, resources, crewed, uncrewed

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How to get support

Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date

Credits and Special Thanks

Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License provenance)

Author (3) - zer0Kerbal

Forum: Thread - Source: GitHub - Download CurseForge
License: License

Maintainer (2) - EricWI

Thread - GitHub - Source: GitHub
License: License License

Author (1) - RealGecko

Thread - SpaceDock - Source: GitHub
License: License License
<small>the license was changed around this time.</small>

Original Author (ROOT) (0): MatterBeam

Thread - SpaceDock - Source: GitHub
License: License License


This mod contains taniwha's Launchpad.dll and textures licensed from Extraplanetary Launchpads.

  • All bundled mods are distributed under their own licenses
  • All assets, including but not limited to: animations, models, sounds and textures are distributed under their own licenses. License

  • see Notices for more legal Mumbo Jumbo

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