Endurance (from Interstellar) Continued... CKAN

This mod is intended to recreate, visually and functionally, the Endurance spacecraft from the movie 'Interstellar.'

License: CC BY-NC 4.0

Game Version: 1.11.1

Source code: JPLRepo/Endurance

Downloads: 46,155

Author: Jplrepo

Mod Website: Forum Thread

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Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

This mod is intended to recreate, visually and functionally, the Endurance spacecraft from the movie 'Interstellar.' It implements parts to construct the Endurance ring, with highly efficient magnetoplasma engines and a modular design that allows for multiple configurations of the ship to your mission requirements.
Construct the ring in the VAB (or load up our stock craft file) and launch it to LKO, before docking advanced Ranger and Lander vehicles to it. Both the Ranger and Lander act as SSTOs and feature detailed, Raster Prop Monitor integrated IVAs.


This is a continuation (re-bu ild and fix for KSP 1.0.5) of the original version by BenJee10 on the KSP forums (old link). AS the mod was severely broken by KSP 1.0.5 enforcement of convex colliders Benjee10 did not have the time to re-build the mod. Benjee10 has given me his blessing to continue his mod for him. All Credit for the original version go to BenJee10 and his team. As this is a continuation the license remains:

**Features: ** Giant ring outfitted with Habitat, Logistics and Engine modules
Capable of transporting 2 Landers and 2 Rangers across the solar system
Super-efficient plasma thruster engines
Multiple docking ports for visiting vehicles

This mod is designed to function with (configs provided): Kerbal Inventory System Raster Prop Monitor
JSI Advanced Transparent Pods
Kerbal Attachment System USI-LS TAC-LS NOTE: You do not need these mods for this pack to function, but without them your game-play experience will be greatly reduced.

Parts Included:
Base building parts:
MB-25 Freight Transport Module
MB-75 Deployable Habitation Unit
MB-50 Mobile Analysis Unit
Large Location Ownership Signifier
* Advanced Unpressurised Storage Cuboid

Endurance Ring Parts:
EC-215 Logistics Module
EC-200b Command Module
Endurance Deep Space Engine
EC-200 Crew Cabin
DSPS x300 Fuel Assembly
MB-2 Habitat Assessment Unit
* EC-151 Structural Ring

The Lander:
Lander Fuselage
Lander Lift Engine (VTOLs)

Small Ship (Viper):
* Viper Composite Fuselage

Medium Ship (Ranger):
XP-F40 "Cooper" Aerospike Thruster

Docking ports:
Ranger Docking Port
Endurance Docking Port
Endurance Outer Docking Node
Endurance Outer Ranger Docking Node

* Ranger - Fix it's landing legs (after KSP 1.1 drops as it will have big changes to wheels and legs) * KER and MJ do not see the Rapier and Lander Engines in their displays * Fix symmetry on all parts. * DeepFreeze Endurance ring module * New Emissives, flames and smoke trails. * Endurance habitat is a placeholder IVA - it's actually using the crewCabinInternals * Fix Endurance Command IVA. - Needs re-work.

This pack includes a modified part module for the inflatable Habitat module adapted from PorkJet's Habitat Pack. His work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
This mod includes a modified part module to allow the Ranger landing legs to function in KSP 1.0.5. Code Adapted from shadowmage's awesome SSTU mod.
The license for the module code remains the same as the SSTU mod license which is: GNU General Public License (GPL) 3.0 (licenses included in download).

This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available.
Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent.
For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin  


Please ensure you delete your \GameData\Endurance\ folder if installing over an older version.
(NOTE: this version only works on KSP 1.0.5 and UP). ** Just unzip into your KSP directory.
Requires Module Manager if you want the following mods supported (optional).
JSI Advanced Transparent Pods
Raster Prop Monitor

This Mod is authored and maintained by:
JPLRepo - Models & Textures, Configs, Implementation

Thanks go to:
Testing: googbo ,Dafni
Some Re-textures and input: xxjansonmaxx
Re-factor of the Endurance ring to fix Lag issues and other input: MerlinsMaster

LICENSE: CC BY-NC 4.0 Endurance Part module Code License: GNU General Public License (GPL) 3.0

Originally Created by (versions up to 0.90):
benjee10 - Models & textures
zekew11 - Implementation
Shryq - Ranger IVA Implementation & Ranger (up to v5.0)
xxhansonmaxx - IVAs
InsanePlumber - DDS Conversion
Jasseji - KIS migration
Awesome flags by Akron!

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