Control all of the things from first person IVA.

License: MIT

Game Version: 1.12.5

Source code: FuzzyMeepTWO/koshud

Downloads: 1,179

Author: FuzzyMeepTWO

Followers: 5

This is KOS script that creates a HUD that allows you to control and automate control of almost every part in KSP based on tag names and part type.

*NOTE It is recommended that you set the setting "Start on the Archive" to enabled, as the script is too big for some KOS cores This setting can be fond under "KOS" when accessing the settings menu from the space center main screen.

you need;

kOS: Scriptable Autopilot System

KOSPropMonitor-Adopted (https://spacedock.info/mod/3473/kOSPropMonitor-Adopted)

RasterPropMonitor (https://spacedock.info/mod/2534/RasterPropMonitor)

KOSforALL (recommended) (https://spacedock.info/mod/869/kOS%20for%20All!)

updated to be much faster and cleaner.



Made a poorly edited video on how to use it (you might want to increase video resolution so you can read it)


*Lights (will also auto enable with nametag matching other parts. Ex "Cargo Bay" Lights will enable when "Cargo Bay" tag is triggered to do something)

*control srf (Axis control, "trim"(move deploy by 1 degree) if on pitch cntrl, set deploy to mimic flaps (10,20,25 degrees) if not on pitch control)

*Engines (On off, cycle mode, gimbal, adjust thrust limit)

*Decoupler (decouple, crossfeed, see fuel in attached part, auto triggers chutes and seperatrons on decouple trigger(have to be attached to 1st child part on decoupler. offset to where you need them))

*Gear (deploy/retract, autobrake (on ground, under 50% throttle), all settings)

*Parachute (arm, deploy, cut)


*Cargo Bay(deploy/retract)

*Docking Port(deploy/retract, undock)

*Solar Panel (+fuel cell)(deploy/retract, shows sun exposure)

*RCS (actuation toggles, on off)

*Drill(deploy/retract, turn on, shows ore rate)

*Radiator(deploy/retract, shows cooling status)

*Experiment(trigger, delete, auto tagged)

*Antenna(deploy, set target, shows current target)

*Converter(start/stop each type, shows meter for heat)

*Capacitor(discharge, enable/disable recharge, auto tagged)

*Missiles(fire, jettison, auto tagged)

*Guns(fire, enable, auto tagged)

*Radar(enable, disable, change target(untested))

*Science Lab(shows science, research, etc levels, start, stop, xmit, auto tagged)(also needs some testing)

*Countermeasure(fire, auto tagged )

*Fairing(deploy, auto tagged)

*mks parts

*BD Armory controllers (pilot AI and Weapon Manager, most options)

and more

you can automatically trigger any group based on





*Any Resource Remaining




*sun exposure (if you have sensor)

*pressure (if you have sensor)

*accel (if have sensor) (dont think i got this working right)

*temperature (if you have sensor)

*Gravity (if you have sensor)

*Fuel Remaining in part if decoupler

It will trigger any parachutes, control surfaces, or seperatrons when decoupling any decoupler

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