Omicron Flying Space Car CKAN

Read info and follow the forum instructions! Parts that are walkable inside. Is Like near future Vtol flying car, but this one can go to space.

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Game Version: 1.12.5

Source code: rvalle7/Omicron

Downloads: 6,293

Author: Climberfx

Mod Website: Forum Thread

Support this mod: Donate

Followers: 21

Omicron Pre Release - (KSP 1.12.2 - backwards compatible. Work on 1.7.3 too)

It's working on 1.12.2 - Go to forum (link below) to get the 2 quick fixes i post there.

And read on forum too, how to config the updated vtol engines, that now use analog attitude control. There is a how to configure on this post:


Extract this to KSP/GameData/Omicron.


Module Omicron (included). First code for Omicron, still not in use, but will be soon, on functional Cockpit Panel. (i'm on it, coding and texturing);

KSPWheel plugin, thanks to Shadowmage! Used in the landing gears! (no more included, download from KSPWheel;

Firespiter Plugin for Vtol to work (please download latest update from Github,, only the dll is necessary, Big thank you Snjo;

Module Manager, thank you Sarbian for this one; (to automatically add-on implementations, like config for Remote Tech antenna, TAC life Support, Filter Extensions, etc)

Smokescreen for the particle effects of vtol engine. Many thanks for Nazari for the particles and Sarbian for the plugin;

B9PartSwitch to have option to switch from fuel types in parts that have fuel option (download from original forum thread), big thank you to Blowfish;

A temporary mod that will bring a middle cockpit camera is HullCameraVDS. Just install it to have a middle camera pressing "]" or "[" (this is what I choose on the plugin, you can put your own keys) to cycle between game and cockpit Camera. Big thank you for Linuxgurugamer that are supporting this mod, and the creator of it, Albert VDS;

*Some of the example craft files need Universal Storage (US) to open;

*Some particles for the vtol engine are from HotRockets, Nazari1382, So many thanks from than

Any question, please use Omicron Development Forum Thread:

Have Fun.


p.s.: If you like this mod, consider doing a donation (

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