Recycled Parts

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Game Version: 1.12.5

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Author: linuxgurugamer

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Recycled Parts

SpaceTux Industries is happy to announce that it has acquired the assets of a number of defunct manufacturers. This eclectic collection consists of the following:

PorkWorks LV-RTG "KANDL" SKALOU.v2 Radioisotope Rocket LV-Nx "LANTRN" Atomic Engine CCGC-7.2 "Lightbulb" Atomic Engine Wrap-Around Radiator (3.75m) Wrap-Around Radiator (2.5m) Wrap-Around Radiator (1.25m) LV-Tx "Torch" Skalou-v5 Atomic Turbojet

Bahamuto Dynamics MK2 Lightning Cockpit

Clockwork Industries CW-AT40 5-Degree FuelTank (1.25m) CW-AT64 15 Degree FuelTank (1.25m) CW-AT512 15 Degree FuelTank (2.5m) OX-C100 Oxidizer Tank CW-RAI-003 AirRam & Compressor Intake MK3

NAU Aerospace KAL9000

IASA Farscape Hetch Drive Engine Farscape Engine Farscape Fuselage Farscape Landing Gear (by Nasai, left, right, & nose) Farscape Wings (left and right)

C7 Aerospace Division Mk2 KIS Container 4000L Mk2 KIS Container 8000L

Zaltonic Electronics Mk2 Battery (two variants) Mk2 Solar Battery 1k Mk2 Solar Battery 2k

STEADLER Engineering Corps Mk2 Stack Decoupler Mk2 Advanced Reaction Wheel Module

O.M.B. Demolition Enterprises Mk2 Stack Separator

This is a revivial of the following mods, with the licenses each are covered by:

Atomic Age - CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
Lightning Cockpit - CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0
Clockwork Industries - GPLv3
KSL9000 - GPLv2
Farscape - ARR, permission granted to re-release
Mk2 Containers - CC-BY-NC 4.0
Mk2 Essentials - MIT
Mk2 Solar Batteries - MIT

Packaging and Installing

Each of these mods is a folder inside the SpaceTuxIndustries/RecycledParts folder. They are standalone, meaning that each can be removed without any impact to any of the other mods

There are a few ships packaged along with the mod,these are in the Ships/SPH folder

To install, copy the GameData AND Ships folders into the main KSP folder. The files in the GameData should be merged with the current GameData folder, and the files in the Ships folder will be merged with the files in the stock Ships folder

Regarding CKAN, there will be an overall RecycledPart entry which will install everything, and then there will be individual entries for each of them, so you will be able to install each by itself without all the others


Mk2 Lightning Cockpit B9 Aerospace Props

Farscape KSPWheels PatchManager

Atomic Age Firespitter CommunityTechTree (recommended) ModuleManager


I am extremely grateful to the following people who provided invaluable assistance in updating some of the parts:

Forum user @Skalou Skalou redid the models for the Atomic Age engines, to fix both the gimboling AND the nozzel on the end of the Nuclear Jet engine. I don't know what he did, but it works now. He also added some new emissions to the jet

Forum user @theonegalen Theonegalen looked at one of the IVAs to assure me that it was working well, and pointed out a dependency which I was not aware of

Forum user @Shadowmage Shadowmage redid the wheels for the Farscape mod

If I missed anyone, plesae let me know and I'll get this updated ASAP

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