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Outrage Culture & KSP2

This page contains some loosely-structured criticisms of outrage-driven media surrounding this sequel


  • Attempting to separate the sequel from its prequel's fanbase was likely a necessary approach, for the sequel to try to stand on its own and discover a new market to justify the greatly increased financial investment that was required to develop it - particularly in the context of the underpayment scandal surrounding the prequel
  • The sequel development practices described would be fairly standard in the AAA industry, and have only become particularly problematic here due to the sheer complexity and scope of the game - that is, one of the most complex games ever attempted - and in that context, delays and bugs during early access would be expected from any studio
  • Someone who hasn't even played the sequel since its initial early access release is the lowest quality source regarding the state of sequel modding and its backend - a high quality source would be a sequel modder, especially developers of framework mods who have spent hundreds of hours interacting with the codebase and already provided an equivalent to a stock API
  • Many experienced/knowledgeable people who worked on or modded the prequel are aware of the unique challenges that arise from developing a semi-realistic space sim in Unity, and that the sequel had to start over on these problems and provide new solutions - including partial n-body physics - solutions which should not be taken for granted
  • Having a designer who is also an experienced programmer is rare - especially in the AAA industry - this is no reflection of the individual's skills or appropriateness for this role, and using this to character assassinate that developer is entirely unjustified
  • According to the official source, both the early access phase and general development of the sequel are still ongoing, whereas development for the prequel has ended

conclusion: low quality coverage that feeds into hyperbole and misleads its audience regarding many aspects of development, to pander to a popular narrative that "the game is dead," support review bombing and other forms of negative behaviour which are completely out of touch with the actual state of the game

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