Mod Packs for Kerbal Space Program 2

Essential ATM (0.1.1) (6 mods)

JSP's KSP 2 Mod Pack (3 mods)

A mod pack containing all of my mods for Kerbal Space Program 2. Including mods made by other modders that I've contributed to (like Galaxy Tweaker).

All of ShadowDevs mods (7 mods)

All the mods made by me

KSP2 (13 mods)

Standard pack i will use for KSP2

Custom Flags (2 mods)

A pack containing everything needed for custom flags in KSP 2


  1. Drag the contents of the zip file into the KSP root directory
  2. Launch and then quit the game
  3. put flags mod into [KSP_ROOT]/SpaceWarp/Mods (KSP_ROOT is the base install location of KSP2, the one with the .exe in it)
  4. Place PNG files into <KSP 2 Install Directory>/flags (create if not present) and they will be loaded in game. Uses SpaceWarp as loader.
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