Mod Packs for Kerbal Space Program

The Basic Essentials

All the mods supported on spacedock that I use.

StarBreakers Space Program

Enhanced Gameplay

Interstellar Mod Pack

The Interstellar Mod contains everything for a good INterstellar Experience

The Mods included are

  • KSP Interstellar Extended
  • Interstellar Fuel Switch
  • Photon Sailor
  • Persistent Rotation
  • Filter Extensions
  • TWeakscale

A very long mod pack

The whole nearfuture series

(credit to nertea for the mods) its annoying to have to download each mod individually, so heres everything in one

ThePhoenixSols Career Pack

The Modpack that ThePhoenixSol uses for his hardmode+ career.

Also inculdes the following mods not on spacedock:

  • Contract Configurator
  • Earn Your Stripes
  • Flight Tracker
  • Memorial Wall
  • Field Research Contract Pack
  • Kerbin Space Station Contract Pack
  • Custom Barn Kit
  • Editor Time

Find him playing it on his Twitch

KSP2 spaceflight experience pack

Gamemaster683's Super Cool Mod Pack

My Mod Pack

RealPlume - Stock

Aesthetic Improvements

Also download Ven's Stock Revamp

Exhibition Darkness

Mod pack

To the Stars and Beyond