Mod Packs for Kerbal Space Program

Low Quality Planet Packs: Stock System Additions (5 mods)

Low quality additions to the stock system

Career mode overhaul (6 mods)

Enhances your career experience by adding new contracts and tech tree.


Module Manager

Contract Configurator

simple mods for simple peaple (1 mods)

Kermit's stock-alike & QoL (13 mods)

Features: - ReStock & Restock Plus - Tundra - FUJI - Missing history - Comfortable Landing - Moderately Plane Related QoL improvements, including: - Commnet Visualisation - Docking Camera (KURS) - Docking Port Allignment - Hullcam VDS Graphic improvements: Module Depth Mask

All mod dependencies at the bottom

Krowded Kerbal (1 mods)

idk mods (13 mods)

"Canyon" bearing planet packs (3 mods)

Just a little modpack featuring all planet packs with a body named Canyon... all based on the same original body... its self explanatory, right?

RevanX Linbol System Rebirth Pack (12 mods)

All mods recommended to run LSR as well as the mods I usually play with. Note: Use EVE not EVE Redux Incompatible with Scatterer. Also Requires Kronometer.

2.7x Scale Mods (5 mods)

Also featuring: JNSQ

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