Mod Packs for Kerbal Space Program

Clamp-o-Tron's Core Modpack

Blank for now.

TLP Mod Pack

Midcon113's Enhanced Stock Game Pack

These are the core add-ons for the stock game that add more realism, but don't mess with the tech tree or add a ton of parts. The core game plus it's expansions have a boatload of parts now, and I find most everything I need in it.

Certain addons are not currently available on Spacedock, but can be downloaded via the CKAN app:

  • MechJeb 2
  • Waypoint Manager
  • Strategia
  • PlanetShine

Kopernicus can be downloaded from it's GitHub page:

Outer Planets Mod can be downloaded from it's GitHub page:

Stock Visual Enhancements can be downloaded from it's GitHub page:

Stock Visual Terrain can be downloaded from it's GitHub page:

USI Life Support can be downloaded from it's GitHub page:


Rad Trads LMP Mod List

Running KSP 1.10.0

Recommended mods not on Spacedock:

  • Kerbal Engineer Redux

My Personal Simple Immersion Modpack

Unturned_Fighter's 1.9.1 Sandbox Mod Pack

Petit pack simple étendue

mod non-present sur spacedock:

- contract configurator:
- CCK:
- CTI:

Super IVA trop cool, et super classe.

Avec cette suite de mods vous pourrez pilotez vos craft depuis la vue intèrieure.
Que ce soit un vaisseaux avec un équipage ou piloter à distance. (pack standalone)

Les mods nonprésent sur SpaceDock:

- Astrogator:
- RasterPropMonitor:
- MechJeb2:
- Module Manager:

Mechjeb2, Astrogator, DockingCamKURS et VesselViewer ne sont pas obligatoir. Pour les autres mods à vous de voir si vous les voulez ou pas, mais je ne garantit pas le résultat.

Enjoy it! :)


Ksp 1.9.1 Career Pack

DaMichel's Part Pack

DaMichel's Parts

Packs / Versions:
AeroRadial v CargoBays v Fuselage v SphericalTanks v

KSP version CKAN listed License CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

### SphericalTanks - Five (5) 1.25m spherical tanks. Available in veteran orange. ### CargoBays - Three (3) 2.5m rocket cargo bays in 1m, 2m, and 4m lengths. Flat fold doors. ### AeroRadial - Two (2) streamlined, radially attached power products. One RTG, the other a Liquid Fuel and Intake Air powered fuel cell. ### Fuselage - Seven (7) flat fuselage pieces.

This is a continuation of DaMichel's Part Pack.


Permission granted by original author

Licensed under CC-BY-SA-3.0 (Attribution, Share Alike)

Content originally created by DaMichel. Hero

v1.1.0.0 original: 11 Aug 2018 zed'K | updated: 17 Feb 2020 zed'K

dxeh essential

My Essentials!


My new convinience modpack


Personal modpack