EVA Enhancements Continued

Enhance EVA controls & experience

License: MIT

Game Version: 1.12.5

Downloads: 103,899

Author: linuxgurugamer

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This is a revival of the old EVA Enhancements mod:

This mod adds some features that are missing from the standard EVA experience.


Current Features

  • Kerbal profession and level is now visible in the right-click action menu. No more wondering if Frolie Kerman is supposed to be an engineer or a scientist.

  • Pitch and roll can now be controlled with the keyboard. No more awkward mouse clicking and dragging... you can now do backflips and cartwheels on the Mun! By default the controls are mapped as follows:

Pitch Down - Alpha2

Pitch Up - X

Roll Left - Z

Roll Right - C

I have found these work well in conjunction with the standard WASDQE controls (while letting you keep your right hand on the mouse for camera control). If you wish to remap them you can use the "Settings" window, accessible from the stock application launcher or Blizzy78's toolbar.

  • the EVA "rotate on camera move" setting can now be toggled any time by hitting the SAS toggle (default T). Enabling it can make some EVA navigation a bit easier, but disabling it gives you more control.

  • jetpack power can now be modified any time through a slider in the EVA right-click action menu. Fuel usage is scaled accordingly.

  • the default jetpack power level can be set via the "Settings" window.

  • precision controls can now be toggled using the same key as in normal flight mode (default is CapsLock). This automatically sets your jetpack power to 10% for finer control.

  • finally, some Nav Ball customizations for EVA mode. The throttle gauge will display your current jetpack power level between 0 and 100%. The RCS indicator will light to show your if jetpack is enabled. The SAS indicator will light to show if "rotate on move" is enabled (only if the jetpack is on though).

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