K.M.A.P. - Kerbal Math and Applied Physics CKAN

A program made with visual C# that handles some of the most common math equations you'll calculate while playing KSP.

License: BSD

Game Version: 1.2

Downloads: 1,400

Author: AnaseSkyrider

Followers: 21

Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

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K.M.A.P. - Kerbal Math and Applied Physics

K.M.A.P. is a program that handles the many math equations used in KSP, making it easier to use than notepad and your O.S. calculator, while still doing the math itself. It's intended to be easy to use, useful, and educational (making it easy to learn about the math that goes into KSP).


There is none. Just download the mod, unpack it, and run the application.

Version 0.3 for Kerbal Space Program 1.2

Released on 2016-10-30

-Added a gear icon at the top-right of the window. Clicking it opens a small settings window, with two functional settings that can be turned on and off (which are both on by default). Also added a save and default-settings button.

EDIT: I actually moved the gear icon later on, and forgot to fix it in the changelog file. Oh well.

-The first added setting controls how values get inputted for you after clicking calculate. E.g. with the setting turned on, after calculating the acceleration in the TWR tab, the acceleration will be automatically inputted into the TWR calculator.

-The second added setting controls how output boxes get automatically cleared when you change any of the input values. E.g. if you change the mass values for the stage Delta V, with the option turned on, the Delta V output will be cleared.

-Tweaked UI elements again; mostly just changed the fonts to use Roboto instead of Microsoft Sans Serif. Also renamed a few of the tabs.

-Added a button at the top-right within the tabcontrol--for each tab--which opens up a window which explains the equations being used in more detail, and removed the information that clutters the inside of tabs.

-Made it so that when you click on the richtextbox at the bottom, the default text will clear, and it will put that text back in if the box is empty when you click off of it.

-Added a new tab for credits because I need more space to tell people how awesome they are :D. I added credits for the icon I'm using for the math windows, as well as credits to Hysterrics for the new logo he made for me (which I have also thrown into the credits tab, and am using a cropped version of it for the file's icon).

-I took semi-major axis and put it in its own tab.

-Added a rearranged version of the Orbital Period calculator, such that you can input the height of one of the apsides, and the orbital period, and get the height of the other apside.

-Changed the recommended minimum bounds for TWR from 2 to 2.2 (which I read on the KSP wiki page for advanced rocket designs, and decided to trust for the time being).

-Made the gravity textbox for TWR edit-able in case anyone wants to calculate TWR on other celestial bodies.

-Added a Hohmann Transfer tab. Mostly complete, although I still have some work to do with this tab (especially the form that explains some of the math, which I simply don't have time to finish). It is, however, still functional.

Download (982.62 KiB)

Version 0.2.1 for Kerbal Space Program 1.1.3

Released on 2016-10-05

-The math formulas in the richtextboxes in each tab now appear on start, and don't require the user to hover over the boxes to view them.

-Added unit of measurement to lots of textbox labels.

-Minor tweaks in the description of the Isp and Delta V tab, to hopefully better reflect how to use this calculator (being that things are done one stage at a time).

-The user is no longer able to type letters into the text boxes. Copy-pasting letters still works, however. Will be fixed at a later date.

-Completely overhauled the Isp calculation system to use a listView object instead of a series of text boxes. Input what you want, and it'll calculate with however many inputs you give it.

-Added richtextbox at the bottom of the program for anything that one might want to write down between tabs.

-The listview system used for Isp has been applied to the total Delta V calculator.

-UI elements have had slight size changes, and lots of rearrangements.

-Orbital Period tab mostly completed. User can calculate their Semi-Major Axis, as well as their Orbital Period.

-Source project files included in the download.

Download (100.42 KiB)

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