Dump&Burn! CKAN

License: GPLv3

Game Version: 1.2

Source code: in the zip

Downloads: 2,209

Author: saky

Mod Website: Forum Thread

Followers: 24

Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

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This mod adds Jettison Nozzle which you can change the nozzle size, dump the fuel and burn the fuel. If heated at least 400K, Nozzle will let out spectacle flames! Dump&BURN!

Be aware that nozzle will pump out the liquid fuel from all tanks including locked ones.

forum thread : http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/149203-113dumpburn/

Version 20161016 for Kerbal Space Program 1.2

Released on 2016-10-16

20161016a 1.Changed version naming rule. 2.Enhanced Effect in fast speed. 3.KSP1.2 compatibality(...right?) updated.


Version 1.0.0 for Kerbal Space Program 1.2

Released on 2016-10-03

No changelog provided


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