Vehicle Prefabs Ready to Go! CKAN

Click and Go High Detail Prefabs for Boats, Cars, Planes, Military vehicles, and Helicopters

License: MIT

Game Version: 1.2.2

Downloads: 10,385

Author: RobForrest

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Followers: 24

Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.


F22 - 3dregenerator - (

Airbus A310 by ahmetsalih (

C160 by jasonowen (

Eurocopter EC130 by 3dregenerator (

Tornado GR1 by Pedro Caparros (

Leopard 2 Tank azlyirnizam (

M113 APC By Rob Forrest

MLRS by Rob Forrest

Red October by Rob Forrest

RHIB by 3dregenerator (

CH-47 Chinook author unknown (

CH53 Stallion Maximino (

Mq9 Predator Drone Luiz Chicon CKAN

EF-2000 jasonowen (

Mi-17 Havoc 3dregenerator (

Limo rex80 (

Littlebird 3dregenerator (

Osprey azlyirnizam (

PAK T 50 3dregenerator (

SR-91 3dregenerator (

UH60 3dregenerator (

UH80 author unknown (

Van 3dregenerator (

Warrior jasonowen (

F-18 Super Hornet 3dregenerator (

F-14 3dregenerator (

F-14 IVA Tyler Masterson (

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