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Game Version: 1.0

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Created by: Docflamingo

Installation: put the files contained inside the .zip file into Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod

Quote from Steam page

WARSHIP REDUX is a major military vessel overhaul that adds 8 new ships and alters the construction system so that new ship classes are available at each spaceport level. Not save game compatible, you must start a new game for the mod to take effect.

##### SHIPS #####

  • 8 New ships added: all carefully balanced so as not to be out of place with the vanilla ship types.

SCOUT: A small recon ship; very lightly armed but fast and cheap to make. Ideal for checking out nearby star systems for the presence of hostiles.

FRIGATE: The largest non-capital warship; essentially a stronger and heavier alternative to the destroyer.

ESCORT CARRIER: A light carrier vessel; used as a platform for multiple strike craft, the Escort Carrier is a smaller and cheaper alternative to the massive Fleet Carrier.

HEAVY CRUISER: Larger and more heavily armored than the standard Cruiser, the Heavy Cruiser neatly fills the gap between its smaller brother and the Battleship.

FLEET CARRIER: A massive vessel used as a platform for strike craft. Expensive and time consuming to build but tremendously powerful in combat.

DREADNAUGHT: A super-sized version of the Battleship; only the wealthiest and most powerful empires can afford to utilize these mighty weapons as their flagships.

SWACS: The Spaceborne Warning and Control Ship; this is essentially a corvette-sized electronic warfare vessel capable of mounting an Aura Effect item normally reserved for large capital ships. NOTE: Auto-generated ships do not mount aura items; you must manually add them in the ship designer.

FLEET TENDER: A larger cousin of the SWACS, Fleet Tenders may mount up to 2 Aura Effect items at once. With repair and capacitor aura effect items both installed the Fleet Tender can keep a strike force in the field almost indefinitely. NOTE: Auto-generated ships do not mount aura items; you must manually add them in the ship designer.

? ##### SPACEPORTS #####

  • New ships are available at each Spaceport level:

Scout: Spaceport I

Corvette: Spaceport I

Destroyer: Spaceport II

SWACS: Spaceport II + Technology unlock

Frigate: Spaceport III

Fleet Tender: Spaceport III + Technology unlock

Cruiser: Spaceport IV

Escort Carrier: Spaceport IV + Technology unlock

Heavy Cruiser: Spaceport V

Battleship: Spaceport V

Fleet Carrier: Spaceport VI + Technology unlock

Dreadnaught: Spaceport VI


  • Ship Assembly Yards include new ship types:

Corvette Yards: Scouts and Corvettes

Destroyer Yards: Destroyers

Frigate Yards: Frigates

Cruiser Yards: Cruisers and Heavy Cruisers

Battleship Yards: Battleships and Dreadnaughts

Carrier Yards: Escort Carriers and Fleet Carriers

  • Naval Assembly Yards: Gives assembly yard discounts on all military ships. Expensive and power-hungry, available at spaceport level 6.

  • Spaceport Combat Upgrade: A spaceport module that effectively doubles a spaceport’s combat statistics. Expensive but highly useful in dangerous border systems.

  • Solar Panels and Orbital Hydroponic Farms now have 3 levels each, producing 3, 6, and 12 units respectively. Not really a warship upgrade but I wanted them in game so I added them here since I was adding spaceport modules. ;

MISC #####

*Removed the more obtrusive ship auras because they bothered me.





COLLECTION: This mod, and others I made to work with it, can be downloaded together in my "Overlord" collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=712692484

COMPATIBILITY: The files above had to be full replacements to allow for the changes to existing ships and ship yards so the mod will not work with others that also replace them. Generally, technology and ship mods that only add items will work fine with Warship Redux.

FUTURE PLANS: After the 1.2 patch comes out I will be adding new features to this mod regarding combat itself to include formations, variable engagement ranges, several visual tweaks, huge (spinal-mounted) weapons, and more.

SPECIAL THANKS: To Mirodo for figuring out the issue with the carrier's picture not showing up in the ship designer. All hail Mirodo!

Version 1.0 for Stellaris 1.0

Released on 2016-07-20

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