Treefarm Lite

License: GPLv3

Game Version: 0.12.30

Downloads: 678

Author: Blu3wolf

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Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Factorio. Proceed with caution.

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This Factorio mod adds Treefarms, which let you cultivate trees and plants and grow your own wood!

This mod adds treefarms, coal-processing and a production-chain for organic plastic. Treefarm initially and primarily allows you to cultivate trees and other plants, at its core allowing the player to renewably source wood to supply their factory. It offers a more automated solution than chopping wood or directing many drones to 'deconstruct' tracts of forest, while offering a more visually appealing solution than mods based on Assembly machines, such as Greenhouses. Plus, treefarms are cool!

Treefarm is originally by drs9999 and is maintained by myself, Blu3wolf. Treefarm was released under a permissive license, and under that license this version of Treefarm is released under the GPLv3. This newer Treefarm has been updated to run on newer Factorio versions, and folds in performance enhancements from Rseding91 and StephenWard. Much thanks to them for their work on this newer faster version!

Version 0.4.2 for Factorio 0.12.30

Released on 2016-06-30

Some performance improvements to try out, intended to improve performance with multiple treefarms backed up. Initial SpaceDock release.

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