The Elephant Engine CKAN

A 75% "Mammoth", consisting of 3 Vectors in a 3.75m base. Mode switching for Elephant-Plume effects!

License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

Game Version: 1.12.3

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Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

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Elephant Engine (NBEE)

A 75% 'Mammoth', consisting of 3 Vectors in a 3.75m base. Mode switching for Elephant-Plume effects! For Kerbal Space Program.

By zer0Kerbal, originally by Orvidius NecroBones

adopted with express permission and brought to you by KerbSimpleCo

The Elephant Engine

This add-on adds one engine part

S3 KS-25x3 'Elephant' Liquid Fuel Engine

The Elephant Engine is effectively a 75% "Mammoth". It consists of three "Vectors" in a single 3.75m housing, for when a Mammoth is just overkill. As a side-bonus, mode switching in-flight will allow you to emit a plume of elephants, instead of fire. 😉

  • light on memory usage because it uses existing game textures and models
  • adds (optional) custom FX and SFX
  • Multi-Mode LFO Engine

  • S3 KS-25x3 "Elephant" Liquid Fuel Engine

  • TechRequired = veryHeavyRocketry
  • entryCost = 86250
  • cost = 29250
  • Physical Characteristics
    • bulkheadProfiles = srf, size1
    • mass = 18.5
    • maxTemp = 2000
    • crashTolerance = 22
    • breakingForce = 400
    • breakingTorque = 400
    • minThrust = 0
    • maxThrust = 3000
    • heatProduction = 192
    • ISP
    • sea level: 295
    • vacumme: 315
    • propellant: LiquidFuel + Oxidizer
  • Alternator: 9.0 EC/s
  • Gimbal
  • gimbalRange = 10.5
  • gimbalResponseSpeed = 8
  • ModuleTestSubject

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The Elephant Engine

Youtube video by Orvidius NecroBones

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Installation Directions

Use CurseForge/OverWolf App (currently does not install dependencies)

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Current (1) - zer0Kerbal

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Original (0) - Author: @Orvidius NecroBones

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