Smart Parts Pack

License: CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0

Game Version: 1.12.5

Downloads: 141,278

Author: linuxgurugamer

Mod Website: Forum Thread

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Followers: 371

Parts Overview:

  • Auto-staging device that detects empty tanks and SRBs
  • Timer that triggers stages and action groups after a countdown
  • Remote controller that triggers actions on nearby vessels
  • Altimeter device that triggers actions and stages once a user defined altitude is reached
  • Radial fuel controllers that control fuel lines' flow
  • In-line fuel controller that controls fuel flow
  • A fuel valve to dump excess fuel and produce slight thrust
  • Proximity sensor capable of detecting other proximity sensors
  • Speed sensor cabable of detecting and reacting to speed

About the Pack:

Smart Parts can trigger all 10 action groups, as well as various other functionality such as SAS, lights, stage, or abort.


Staging Controllers

The Staging Controllers can be attached to any part that contains a resource. The device detects when the selected resource is depleted on that tank and then fires the selected action group or stage. Fully supports real fuels.

Fuel Breakers and Controllers

Controls fuel drain via action groups and a context menu. Breakers break one large fuel tank into segments that fuel lines can individually drain, far less shifting overall center of mass.

Radio Controller

Sends events to other radio controllers on a channel. All radio controllers in range (typically < 2000 m) will execute the command if the channel matches. You can also set the throttle and heading of remote vessels.


Triggers a delayed staging or action group event. The staging event is executed on the vessel to which the timer is attached, therefore able to trigger a timed action even on an inactive vessel (e.g., a separated booster). The timer itself can be activated via staging.


Drains any excess resources, except electricity. Attach it to the tank that you would like to drain and then activate via action group or staging. Produces a small amount of thrust, useful for nudging external tanks away from the main craft. Fully supports real fuels.


Capable of detecting when the craft hits a specified altitude, and if it's ascending, descending, or either, and then firing an action group or staging. Useful for auto-jettisoning fairings on ascent, or activating parachutes on landing.

Proximity Detector

Monitors other proximity detectors that are configured on the same 'channel' (20 total) and can fire actions on local and remote craft. As with altimeter, it is capable of firing on approach, departure, or both. Capable of automatic reset.


Monitors the speed and firing an action group or staging when a specific speed is reached.

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