Diesel Fuel

License: MIT

Game Version: 0.12.30

Downloads: 1,294

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Please Note: I plan to update this mod in the near future, so please consider signing up and clicking "follow" so you know when the update is release :) -May 2018

Type: Mod
Name: Diesel Fuel
Description: (This is my very first mod ever) Adds a new fuel source which is much more efficient than Solid Fuel
License: Do what you want with it, though if you want to change/improve it, then I can be sure to do that :)
Version: 0.0.3
Release: 09-04-2016
Tested-With-Factorio-Version: 0.12.30
Category: Convenience
Tags: Fuel
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Using 1 coal:

Using 1 solid fuel:

using 1 diesel barrel:

The first thing you have to got to craft is Diesel fuel. This can be done in an Oil Refinery. It requires 2 parts Heavy Oil to 4 parts Light oil.
Here is a screenshot:

Once you create your diesel fuel fluid, you can create diesel barrels.
This can be done in a chemical plant. It requires 1 empty barrel and 12 parts Diesel Fuel.
Here is a screenshot:

This item can be used as normal fuel in a diesel train or whatever requires fuel. It has 4x the fuel value of Solid fuel with a little bit extra, so it is not only more efficient, but per stack it lasts significantly longer.

When you finally unlock the vanilla rocket silo research, you will be able to convert diesel fuel into Rocket fuel.
And then the unfill diesel recipe becomes useful.
With 6x diesel fluid and a tiny part of petroleum in an Oil Refinery, you can create Rocket fuel.
Here is a screenshot:

And finally, here is the unfill recipe for the diesel barrel

Thanks to Winseven4lyf for providing better textures than the ones in the screenshots above! (Better red colour)

I want ideas! I need another use for diesel fuel, not just diesel barrel and Rocket Fuel.

As far as balancing is concerned 1x diesel barrel is worth 4x solid fuel's fuel value, but with a little extra. The idea is that it lasts longer and per stack is more efficient too.

Version 0.0.4:
Changed graphics (Credit to Winseven4lyf)

Version 0.0.3: 09-04-2016
1. Changed diesel fuel research prerequisites from advanced oil processing to oil processing
1. Changed diesel fuel research cost by removing blue science pack requirements

Version 0.0.2: 17-10-2015
1. Added Diesel Fluid
1. Added a fill/unfill recipe for the barrel.
1. Changed the vanilla recipe for rocket fuel to use diesel fuel instead of solid fuel.

Version 0.0.1: 11-10-2015
1. Initial release.
1. One recipe - Diesel barrel = 2x heavy + 4x light oil

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Mirror (Factorio Forums):

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Mirror (Factorio Forums):

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Mirror (Factorio Forums):

ALL feedback is greatly appreciated! - What could be improved? Is it balanced?

p.s. Formatting on this website is aweful, so i have had to add numbers to every line to fix it.

Version for Factorio 0.12.30

Released on 2016-04-20

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Version 0.0.4 for Factorio 0.12.30

Released on 2016-04-20

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