RealChute Parachute System CKAN

Realistic and configurable/procedural parachutes

License: See description

Game Version: 1.3.1

Source code: StupidChris/RealChute

Downloads: 47,641

Author: stupid_chris

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Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

RealChute is a complete rework of the stock parachute module to fix a few of it's inconveniences and get more realistic results out of parachutes!


  • Gradual deployment: Chutes gradually deploy, increasing realism and decreasing deployment shock.
  • New Deployment Conditions: Chutes deploy in conditions ranging from Eve's crushing clouds to Duna's silken veil. Parachutes deploy either according to atmospheric density or altitude and will not deploy when not intended to; e.g. in space or on the pad. Autocuts can be set for a certain altitude per chute to cut some chutes while other deploy!
  • Parachutes on Ground: Parachutes will not autocut upon nearly stopping mid-air or touching the ground, enabling drag chutes for planes!
  • Parachutes Return to Staging: Parachutes can be restaged again and again without restrictions!
  • Drag Chute: Drag chutes deploy at low altitude to slow landing airplanes.
  • Full Customization: Parachutes' values can be edited, and modders can add the plugin to their packs.
  • Combo Chute: Deploys a drogue and next a main chute.
  • Custom parts: sumghai gave this pack its own parts!
  • Vessel Hangs from Chute: Even nose chutes!
  • Editor window: Edit parachutes from the editor for any shape, size, or characteristics!
  • Presets: Quickly edit parachutes by saving configurations into presets and loading them quickly later!

Thanks to Duxwing for rewriting this part



FAQ (probably)

  • Q: Do the parachutes hold on at 4x physical time warp?
    • A: Depending on how fast you are coming down and which chute you are using, yes. Most often they will hold on just fine, but I really can't guarantee they will. However be careful, the chutes fully deployed added to high physical timewarp values can lead to bad stuff, you've been warned.
  • Q: Is this FAR compatible?
    • A: FAR has it's own built-in implementation of RealChute, added by me, providing basic RealChute-esque behaviour, minus all the fluff. If you want the in game editor and all the additional features RealChute provides, install this, it'll override the version built into far.
  • Q: Can you make a ModuleManager file for insert mod here?
    • A: Of course, if you have a request, just drop me a word and I'll see about it. The best way to go though is to create the MM patch yourself and send it to me to include it.
  • Q: I'm trying to add a secondary parachute to a part but it's not working!
    • A: It's not working because you can't add a secondary parachute to any part. It needs a second parachute transform, a second set of parachute animations, etc. A modeller needs to make a part that has two parachute to allow it.
  • Q: Can you add deployment by pressure?
    • A: Done, rejoice people!
  • Q: What is your favourite pie flavour?
    • A: I love cherry and blueberry pie tbh.


You are free to copy, fork, and modify RealChute as you see fit. However, redistribution is only permitted for unmodified versions of RealChute, and under attribution clause. If you want to distribute a modified version of RealChute, be it code, textures, configs, or any other asset and piece of work, you must get my explicit permission on the matter through a private channel, and must also distribute it through the attribution clause, and must make it clear to anyone using your modification of my work that they must report any problem related to this usage to you, and not to me. This clause expires if I happen to be inactive (no connection) for a period of 90 days on the official KSP forums. In that case, the license reverts back to CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 INTL.

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