Psi Wedge

Wedge system (US2 and Buffalo2 compatible) providing ocean experiments and all-purpose millikits™

License: CC-BY-NC-ND

Game Version: 1.12.5

Source code: JadeOfMaar/PsiWedge

Downloads: 281

Author: JadeOfMaar

Mod Website: Forum Thread

Followers: 6

Made with permission from the creators of the Universal Storage 2 mod and aimed at compatibility with the Wild Blue Industries suite of mods and adding value to undersea exploration and microsat design.

  • Inventory+: Do more with stock storage space with the Rackmount mod and Wild Blue Tools.
  • Sea Quest Science: Includes a suite of original experiments that only work underwater and some only on certain planets (powered by Wild Blue Tools). For users of the Buffalo 2 rover system.
  • Milli-kits: Smaller than a KIS box but useful to no end! Some are stock experiments and other science gear.
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