Wayfarer's Wings (Rank Ribbons)

Give each Kerbal the fame they deserve, know who was the first to plant a flag on Mun, or whatever else!

License: MIT

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Downloads: 923

Author: leonardfactory

Mod Website: Forum Thread

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Have you ever wanted to know who was the first Kerbal to plant a flag on Mun? Who was the first to orbit Kerbin? Who was the first to land on Duna?

Wonder no more! With Wayfarer's Wings, you can track the achievements of all your Kerbals and choose the best one for the next mission!


  • 400+ Ribbons implemented, with more to come!
  • From first Kerbal in Space to flag planting, from heavy vehicle launch to high gee force
  • Original pixel-art wings images, in double resolution to support HiDPI
  • Dedicated UI to search for your kerbals and their achievements
  • Mission summary on vessel recovered to give you a hint on your kerbals achievements
  • Optimized to avoid expensive computations
  • Settings to allow manual ribbons awarding, UI customization
  • Full localization support (English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified))

Double W in the name is a tribute to Final Frontier double F, a mod which made my KSP1 experience unforgettable.

Full images gallery: https://imgur.com/a/yOf2SqA

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