A customisable mod that lets you fly using mouse controls instead of the WASD keys

License: MIT

Game Version:

Downloads: 2,079

Author: loki_lokster

Followers: 4

MouseFlyer is a mod designed to provide a more intuitive and precise flight control experience using the mouse instead of the traditional WASD keys. Currently the mod allows you to customise the: * Flight Mode (Normal/Alternate) * Roll & Pitch Sensitivity * Smoothing Factor * Y Axis Inversion * Deadzone * Yaw Correction * Select on-the-fly between 5 profiles

The default toggle keys are (these can be changed in the BepInEx/config/MouseFlyer.cfg as well as from within the UI Panel in-game): * I Toggle Flying Mode * O Toggle Mouse Steering * P Toggle Menu * [ Prev. Profile * ] Next Profile

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