CryoEngines Extensions

An expansion pack of new engines for Nertea's popular CryoEngines mod.

License: Other

Game Version: 1.12.5

Downloads: 2,817

Author: Kavaeric

Mod Website: Forum Thread

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CryolEngines Extensions

CryoEngines Extensions is a parts pack mod that adds 11 new restock- and near future-alike methalox and hydrolox engines. Designed to integrate with Nertea’s popular CryoEngines mod, it aims to extend the range of missions and craft you can build using methane or hydrogen propulsion.

  • Restockalike Paradise: 11 fictional engines lovingly crafted, textured, and balanced to match the look and feel of Restock and Near Future parts while injecting fresh new visual flavour. Multiple part variants, size mounts, and brand-new “end-cap” sustainer engine mounts are the cherry on top.
  • Methalox Roundup: Design a mission from start to finish using methalox as the sole fuel source. New methane-powered sustainer engines balance atmospheric and vacuum performance for your upper stages, while low-profile and cost-effective orbital engines bring methane power to your vacuum landers.
  • Vacuum Fiends: The tiny 0.625m-size Yiqi and Hestia vacuum engines bring new cryogenic opportunities to even your smallest craft, while the Shikra and Owl find themselves in a niche previously occupied only by the likes of the Terrier and Poodle.
  • Cryogenic Super-Lifters: They’re expensive, run hot, and are barely controllable—but those who can tame these potent hydrolox lifters will find themselves in the company unmatched liquid bipropellant might.


Mod dependencies & compatibility

CryoEngines Extensions was also developed with the broader context of the “Restockalike-verse” in mind, including Near Future Tech, Restock, the Outer Planets Mod, and so on.

Support & Thanks

Special thanks to the modding community for helping me through my first modding journey, with a shoutout to TripleChii—check out her Supplementary Electric Engines mod while you’re at it.

Language support

  • English (en-us) — by Kavaeric
  • 汉语(简)(zh-cn) — by Harker Perin, Kavaeric, Keinga
  • 日本語 (ja) — by Kavaeric, Mei Konishi
  • Español (es-es) — by Nike1155
  • Française (fr-fr) — by Delta Varan
  • Português (pt-br) — by Kari
  • Pусский (ru) — by Zarbon44

If you think you can help with localisation, feel free to reach out to me in KSP forum PMs. Some parts names, descriptions, or labels may require additional context to translate properly.


  • Code and configuration files are distributed under the MIT license.
  • Art assets, including models and textures, are distributed under an All Rights Reserved license.
  • Any bundled mods are distributed under their own licenses.
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