Linbol System Rebirth

Replaces the stock system with an expansive quaternary system at 1/4 IRL Scale.

License: MIT

Game Version: 1.12.5

Downloads: 963

Authors: RevanX, Watermel00n

Mod Website: Forum Thread

Followers: 6

Please contact me through discord or forums for errors. - LSR Scatterer configs LSR rescale available

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Note that this is my new account as I lost password to my old accounts. This is a completely fresh version of Linbol, and instead of adding a new system, it spawns you in a new system with all stock bodies removed.

Explore a larger version of KSP in two star systems with 2 stars each (1 WIP), even featuring a white dwarf. Explore the 3 ringed bodies and 12 Hazardous bodies (most are WIP) that pose a threat to landing craft, if there was a landable surface in the first place. Fly around the dense atmospheres of the two 'mega-earths', explore peculiar bodies, fly to the summits of Revan etc etc.

All that will be under the 2.5x scale similar to that of JNSQ, to allow terrain to develop more properly, and all landforms are well defined with 8192x4096 textures for the largest bodies.

All stock bodies will be removed in this game and replaced with its own system. Check out the GitHub for more information.

Currently, there are few planet packs of the large scale being developed. This modpack aims to change that by introducing a new modpack that when completed will be the largest out there. However, this is obviously very very ambitious and will take place over a year or so. All the bodies have been planned and are pending the PQS and Heightmap/Color/Normal files. All planets, stars and moons are scaled to 2.67x scale to complement JNSQ and a very small handful of bodies are actually quite similar to those in GPP in nature.

You spawn in Revan (provisional name, named after the title that i released this mod pack in), a super-kerbin (you could even say it’s a super nodens due to its similar buffing in stats), with a gravity, radius and pressure ASL 38%,30% and 190% greater than JNSQ kerbin (another mod pack of the same scale). This makes atmospheric flight easier (at least for large and less draggy craft), due to the firmer grip and better handling. Orbital speeds are so high that SSTOs are infeasible (combined with increased scale), and re-entry is deadly without heat shield- all for a more complex and difficult experience as well as the usage of multi stage launchers.

There are currently 19 bodies with 101 more to be promised.


Kopernicus | Module Manager | TextureReplacer (custom skybox)


Any planet pack that replaces the stock system (GPP, precursors etc)

Any planet pack that adds systems or planets not in 2.5 or 1/4 IRL scale should not be added. (e.g GPP or the original Linbol System)

EVE and Scatterer will be supported soon.


8GB of RAM. This is needed to load the 8192x4096 textures used in the larger bodies.

WARNING: Oceans have not been rendered properly in 0.7.0. The innermost 2 moons of Revan are overspun. EVE configs for Revan also do not work.

WARNING: This mod is very data heavy and uses over a full gigabyte of data. There is some compression issues being fixed causing the download size to be smaller than expected. Don't be fooled!

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