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Control rebinding tool

License: MIT

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Downloads: 8,062

Inputbinder aims to allow users to bind their input devices to the various game actions. It comes with a UI accessible through the game's in-flight app bar:

How to install

  • Option 1: Use CKAN to install (recommended)
  • Option 2: Follow instructions below to install manually


  • Install BepInEx, skip if already installed


  • Unpack the contents of the downloaded .zip file into your KSP 2 installation (eg. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program 2)

Main features

  • Directly modifies the game's bindings using the InputSystem
  • Add processors to your bindings
  • Save your bindings as different profiles
  • Makes gamepads usable, should also work with other input devices if they are supported by the InputSystem

Custom actions created by Inputbinder


  • Throttle Axis: Control your throttle as an axis
Throttle Axis Behavior:
  • When the throttle level axis is moved, it is marked as active.
  • When the throttle delta buttons (default Shift and Ctrl) are pressed, the throttle level axis is marked as inactive.
  • While held, the throttle max and cutoff buttons (default Z/X) take priority over the throttle level axis.
  • When the throttle max and cutoff buttons are released, the throttle level is set back to the axis level if it is active.


Dedicated actions to change the trim * Pitch Trim * Roll Trim * Yaw Trim * Trim Reset

SAS Mode (AP Mode)

  • Set AP Mode Stability Assist
  • Set AP Mode Prograde
  • Set AP Mode Retrograde
  • Set AP Mode Normal
  • Set AP Mode Antinormal
  • Set AP Mode Radial In
  • Set AP Mode Radial Out
  • Set AP Mode Target
  • Set AP Mode Anti Target
  • Set AP Mode Maneuver
  • Set AP Mode Navigation
  • Set AP Mode Autopilot

More info

For more information see: or

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Found any bugs🦗? Have an idea to improve things💡? → Open an issue on GitHub.

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