I Wish They Made UI Customizable CKAN

You can move any UI group in the flight scene wherever you want.

License: MIT

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Downloads: 356

Author: Falki

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Have you always wanted to have the navball centered on the screen? Me neither. But still, you can do that with this mod.

You can move any UI group in the flight scene wherever you want. Maybe you'd rather have the time warp at the top of the screen, or you want to declutter the UI by hiding the big green stage button as it's mostly useless since we don't play on touchscreens and we do have working space bars on our keyboards. Or maybe you want to make room for those juicy Micro Engineer windows. World is your oyster.

Things to note:
- open the mod window by selecting it from the app bar
- when you're satisfied with what you changed remember to save the UI by pressing the Save button
- if you messed up and want to revert to default press the FUBAR button
- pressing Reset resets the position of the currently selected UI group


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