Spaceplane and Orbit Reutilization and Recovery companY

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Source code: LuxStice/SORRY

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Author: LuxStice

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Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program 2. Proceed with caution.

Welcome to the first parts mod for KSP2. Spaceplane and Orbit Reutilization and Recovery companY or SORRY for short, is a parts mod that adds parts such as gridfins and rcs nosecones (for now).

  • Gridfins(Aero/Control Surfaces) - from S to L they provide control on atmospheric flights! great to steer loooooooooooooong rockets! (Brakes to activate them)
  • Nosecones with rcs ports(Utility/RCS) - they come in XS to XL, equiped with a big fuel tank and a smaller Monopropellant tank to use along side with its 4 RCS ports. Steer your rockets in space!
  • Kheap-02 & Reiptor-12(Engines/Methalox) - Lifter engines meant to stick together and cause bigger explosions! High Thrust Low ISP perfect for lifter stages meant to come back safely!
  • BLNKT(Structural) - cover your engines from the cold space! A set from M to XL of procedural engine covers, Any configuration you'd like!!!
  • BUH-4(Engines/Methalox) - A High thrust engine based on BE-4!
  • Reiptor-12 Vac(Engines/Methalox) - A very efficient engine for all your vaccum needs, doesnt work that well on atmosphere tho 
  • HexaFLY & HexaBIGFly(Tanks/Methalox & Aero/Ctrl Surface) - Teran inspired, set of gridfins and tanks with slots to make your crafts look sleek
  • M-34 "Pursina" (MK2 VTOL Engine) - Vertical takeoff? AND LANDING? ON MK2?
  • M-Puss "RcSass" (MK2 RCS Block) - It also includes a bit of fuel to make your plane extra heavy
  • RC-5 (Heavy RCS Block) - 12.5/25kn thrust (ASL/Vac) for all your spacey needs
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