Time Warp Hider

A temporary fix to hide the time warp widget when the rest of the UI is hidden in KSP2.

License: MIT

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Time Warp Hider

Time Warp Hider is a temporary mod to fix a bug introduced with v0.1.1.0 of Kerbal Space Program 2. As of this update to the game, F2 (or whichever key you have mapped to hide the HUD) hides everything except for the time warp and game view UI elements at the bottom of the screen. This mod simply fixes this.


  1. Download and install Space Warp if you do not already have it.
  2. Download Time Warp Hider.
  3. Copy the BepInEx folder from inside the Time Warp Hider zip file to <KSP2 Game Directory>\BepInEx\plugins\
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