A set of small navigation tools

License: CC-BY-SA

Game Version:

Source code: cfloutier/k2d2

Downloads: 34,085

Author: cfloutier

Followers: 68


The Kerbal Space Program 2 astro-droid

A set of tools to Help Space Navigation.

availables (progress mean coding progress before final version):

  • Execute the next maneuvre node for the moment and added auto circle to Ap and Pe. (progress 4/5)

  • Automatic landing (progress 2/5)

  • Lift : Automatic Ascent Profile (progress 4/5)

  • Drone : New Flying mode, Very Costly in dv (use Infinite Fuel) but really fun to use (progress 4 /5)

  • Attitude : point the vessel in the wanted direction, (plane autopilot) (progress 3 /5)

  • Warp : warp to SOI changes (progress 3/5)

  • Docking : help to dock using augmented reality and a full auto pilot (progress 3/5)

  • AutoStaging (progres 2/5)

The UI can be opened using Alt-O or using AppBar. Ctrl-O will execute next node


Use Ckan !

or if you prefer the manual way :

Open the game folder by right-clicking on the game in your Steam library, selecting "Manage," and then clicking "Browse local files."

Install the Space Warp + BepinEx plugin. https://spacedock.info/mod/3277/Space%20Warp%20+%20BepInEx

Download K2-D2, open the zip file, and drag the included BepInEx folder into the game folder. (merge folders when asked)

Thanks to

Thanks first for downloading.

  • Thanks to Mole for the hard work on Circularize !

  • Thanks to schlosrat (he/him) for testing and many help on code. Especially for the node creation.

  • Thanks to Opus (#Opus#7354) for the name of the Mod !

  • Big Thanks to cheese3660

  • for SpaceWarp. the base of all KSP2 MODs we can make for now on
  • and for AutoBurn Very helpful code about how to start thrusts and how to get maneuvre node.

  • my first steps was based on LazyOrbit Thanks for this excellent first step ! a light code, simple and very well written.


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