Celestial Teleport Rendezvous

A cheat menu for KSP2, written in Lua

License: MIT

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Author: Dudekahedron

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Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program 2. Proceed with caution.

Celestial Teleport Rendezvous

A cheat menu for KSP2, written in Lua, using Small Debug Window, itself requiring BepinEx, as a jumping off point, just load this .lua through the Lua debug panel.

To install, unpack to Kerbal Space Program 2 folder.

image image

To open the menu, press Ctrl-F8, then choose Open Lua Debug Panel, open the Plugins folder, and click on celestial_teleport_rendezvous_0.0.1.lua image


You can teleport to any current planet or moon or Kerbol orbit or position 1km above each launch pad, and you can tag a vehicle to teleport to (calling this rendezvous is questionable, I know), as well as the standard provided cheats such as fuel, gravity, unbreakable parts, et cetera.


It looks awful, and is awkward to call up, and the list position resets every time you click something in the menu.

To do?

Maybe surface teleport for each celestial body as well, figure out inputting values for things, make it look better somehow? IDK this was all just an exercise in what I could do with Lua, the C# menus look way better, I think.

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