A mod that adds sliders for hidden XML properties. Currently, the mod creates sliders for Fuselage Clamping, and Fuselage Pinch.

License: CC-BY

Game Version:

Source code: ChaoticGraviton/Lider

Downloads: 349

Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Juno: New Origins. Proceed with caution.

Required dependency (Version 1.3.2 and above)

Update v0.9.923 added a new property to fuselages, clampDistances. This addition is almost revolutionary in building, the downside is that it makes it very easy to create bad/bugged shapes (shapes that are visually bugged), so it was made a property that could only be edited via XML. Clamping does not only affect the visuals of the part, but it also manipulates the collider, similar to how corner radius works.

This is such a beneficial addition to the game, that a mod like this is necessary to make the feature viable. Because the mod works with pre-existing XML properties, crafts made with Lider WILL work on mobile. Just adding sliders for clampDistances is not all this mod does. Currently, it also creates individual sliders for the top and bottom pinch of a part, allowing for even more customization to parts. In the future, I intend to add more features to the mod that will further ease the building experience.

Here are some examples of complex shapes you can make with a single part:

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