Precise Editor Continued

Editor mod to set a part's position and angle values with great precision. Also show CoM, CoL and CoT coordinates

License: GPLv3

Game Version: 1.12.5

Downloads: 4,438

Author: linuxgurugamer

Mod Website: Forum Thread

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Introduction The KSP craft editor is an approximative tool where the part's position and angle are not displayed anywhere so we have to rely on primitive techniques like counting the number of grid snaps or placing parts "by eye". While this is the Kerbal spirit, this become annoying for the serious craft builder. So this mod is intended to remedy that and offer a more accurate alternative part placement method than mouse and gizmos. This might change your craft building experience !


Set part position or rotation exact value. Increment / decrement position or rotation by a certain value. All part transformations in absolute or local mode. Automatically update all symmetry counterparts, struts and fuel lines. Coordinate system axes shown on part selection. Show the precise location of the center of mass, center of lift and center of thrust. Set the attachment rules. Attach any part to any part. Show the position and size of the part collider bounds. Show the distance between 2 parts or their colliders to help with the creation of kerbal mechanical devices ! Has /10 and x10 buttons for the - / + values New Features

Added code to set defaults if cfg file is missing Optimized a bit by having the Collider window only do the raycast if it's visible Now able to select robotic parts Copy/paste Position (XYZ), with locking Copy/paste Rotation (XYZ), with locking Note: The Copy/Paste/Lock buttons are icons, when the mouse is over them, the button gets highlighted and the icon can't be seen Added an Undo stack, dealing with Position and Rotation Undo operations get saved on the Undo stack Added an undo button

User's Manual

This mod has a single key. To edit a part, hover the mouse over it and press "P". The Precise Editor button in the toolbar will show the vessel window where the coordinates for the CoM, CoL and CoT are displayed. The dialog shown has been improved with the following features: Separate Copy/paste for the Position and Rotation, with locking.
An Undo button, which a displayed count of how many undo operations are in the stack Undo stack is cleared when the window is closed or a new part is selected Copy/paste storage is cleared when the window is closed or a new part is selected

Useful Information

Units for position are in meters with 4 decimals of precision so 0.0001 is 1/10th of a millimeter. Units for rotation are in degrees and angles are Euler angles You can copy/paste a value while editing a field. Parts can be moved anywhere inside the VAB/SPH. No maximum distance from parent part limitation. This mod is accurate enough to place parts in perfect symmetry without actually using symmetry mode. To center a part on an axis with its parent part, simply set the local position to 0 on the corresponding axis. Dependencies

ClickThroughBlocker ToolbarController SpacetuxLibrary

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