Moderately Plane Related

MPR is a niche parts mod for niche builders. High quality parts for high quality replicas/builds.

License: CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0

Game Version: 1.12.5

Downloads: 19,390

Moderately Plane Related


This mod contains a slew of parts originally intended to be added to AirplanePlus by new management, but has now forked itself into a bigger self sufficient mod that will incorporate BDA+ integration in future parts. Various new content will be added by the contributors throughout the growth phase of this mod to fit the needs of it's primary use communities.

All cockpits currently have placeholder IVAs, proper IVAs will be coming in a future update

Most if not all existing content in the mod will likely recieve updates fixing bugs, adjusting meshes, and improving textures.


  • B9 PartSwitch

It is recommended to have Tweakscale and Procedural wings to make full use of some of the more niche cockpits

How to Install:

  • Grab the ModeratelyPlaneRelated folder from inside the Gamedata zip and drop it into the Gamedata folder of your KSP install

  • You will also NEED to download and install B9 PartSwitch in order for the Model and texture variants to work on many parts

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