Thunderbirds InterKerbin Rescue CKAN

Craft from the classic Thunderbirds series

License: CC-BY-SA-4.0

Game Version: 1.12.3

Downloads: 2,021

Author: ColdJ

Mod Website: Forum Thread

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Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

Hi and welcome to Thunderbirds InterKerbin Rescue. The 5 main craft and The Mole, based on the classic series. I have this working on the 0.1.3 version of "ModuleAnimateGenericEffects" it looks as though the latest version 0.1.4 has a glitch that is causing the animations to not work correctly.

Thunderbird 1 is high speed rocket plane with VTOL and Rear engine. The rear engine has a dual mode between low level maneuverability and high atmosphere, high speed cruise that can get up to 1700 metres a second. It has retractable wings and landing legs.

Thunderbird 2 Has VTOL and rear engines. Loaded it has a top speed around 300 metres a second. It has extending legs so that it can release it's pod and stand up out of the way. It has fully functioning dock system with it's pod to release and redock and it is capable of releasing it mid air over the water and then coming back and landing over the pod to redock with it. It has a retractable pole under its chin for the Kerbals to climb down and up to board the craft.

Thunderbird 3 has powerful rockets that attach to it to go to space, the lower section has a cargo bay with an opening door and there is a separate airlock that snaps in to the bottom the elevator shaft so that you can enter or leave inside the cargo bay. The white collar is a docking ring and allows Thunderbird 3 to dock into Thunderbird 5s docking tube in space.

Thunderbird 4 is a fully functioning sub with a ballast system, a dozer that can toggle out of the way, and 4 nodes on the front that take it's torpedo system, it's electro magnet and it's thermolance. It has a docking port on its belly that mates with a docking plate that you snap into the floor of the pod for travelling.

Thunderbird 5 is a Space Station with scanning, kerbnet access, relay antenna and a research and training lab. It has a snap in docking tube to recieve Thunderbird 3 and it has a jettisonable frame that uses Thunderbird 3 engines to lift it into orbit.

The Mole is another submarine (because I haven't worked out how to make a resource drill yet) with its own frame wheel base so that you can drive it into the water and then undock and go explore, you can comeback and gently slide back on the frame and redock to leave the water. (A little help from The Mole thrust engine is sometimes needed to get back out. It also has a ballast system.

Thunderbird 2's pod has a opening and closing ramp and a ballast system so that it can partially sink into the water so that Thunderbird 4 can leave and return. Be warned if you fill it when Thunderbird 4 is attached that you are filling TB4s ballast as well.

TB 1, 2, 4 and the Mole all use a snap in RCS system while 3 and 5 have theirs built in.

I have also included a floor magnet for securing vehicles like the Mole that can attach where you like. A Claw magnet that has a Kerbal Attachment System socket so if you have KAS you can use it on the end of a winch cable like a crane. And a 4 seat rescue frame with KAS socket for retrieving Kerbals from difficult places.

I have included craft files for all the TBs inside the main folder. If you are trying to build TB3 and TB5 yourself it is suggested you have "WASD camera editor" or "Hangar Extender" installed.

All my animations have sound and need the small plugin from Linuxgurugamer "ModuleAnimateGenericEffects" in order to work and I will put a link to it.

If you have the "Rocket Sound enhancement" plugin then the Mole wheels will make a tread like rumble. Most descriptions have tips to help you get used to how the parts work. If you find a problem then please leave a message on the forum thread for me. I hope you enjoy this mod. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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