NeistAir Reupdated CKAN

The NeistAir Plane Part Pack but UPDATED!

License: CC-BY-NC-SA

Game Version: 1.12.5

Downloads: 8,877

Author: KerbMario

Mod Website: Forum Thread

Followers: 25

The Airliner Part Pack "NeistAir" by Neistridlar, updated with some patches (Old forum thread: )

  • Changelogs:
  • P9.1 - various things, a major bug now fixed, PLUS a new wing to play around with
  • P8.1 - 13th of June 2022 (KerbMario) H O T F I X
  • added license.txt, containing the CC-BY-NC-SA license of the original NeistAir mod. *

  • P8 - 5th of June 2022 (KerbMario)

  • added SimpleFuelSwitch Support for all Fuel Tanks
  • added FilterExtensions as bundled (for now, i will hopefully find a workaround that doesn't need FilterExtensions bundled :P)
  • added FilterExtensions Support
  • fixed some Parts and their Tweakscale configs
  • renamed 31-37AD to 37-50AD, as it was named wrongfully
  • added a custom animation to 25PC, i thought it was better (also i now know how animation works in Blender :D)

  • P7 - 3rd of June 2022 (KerbMario)

  • added Tweakscale support for all parts
  • fixed most part names.
  • made some part descriptions better.
  • Added EngineIgnitor Support to the 2 Engines.

  • all the following were by neistridlar

  • P6 - 9th of September 2020 (neistridlar)*

  • Fixed flipped nodes on TCS parts

  • P5 - 29th of March 2020 (neistridlar)

  • B73 cockpit added
  • 12NCS-B73 added
  • CS22 cockpit added
  • 12NCS-CS22 added
  • A38 cockpit added
  • 18NCS-A38 added
  • 50PC added
  • 37-50AD Added
  • Adapters now have proper textures
  • Some IVAs have been populated with props.
  • Possibly other stuff

  • P4 - 29th of August 2018 (neistridlar)

  • Added more cargo bays
  • Added more doors
  • Added CF6 sounds by Eskandre
  • Improved some textures

  • P3 - 13th of August 2018 (neistridlar)

  • Added CF6 Engine
  • Added a CF6 version without variants for Backwards compability

  • P2 - 30th of July 2018 (neistridlar)

  • Now requiring KSP 1.4.x for Nosecones and TCS Tail pieces.

  • P1 - 29th of May 2018 (neistridlar)

  • First Prerelease
  • Made for Testing the modular wings.

**All Parts in the mod currently: **

  • 1.875m CRJ Series Cockpit

  • 1.875m Antonov An-24 Cockpit

  • 1.875m Douglas DC-3 Cockpit

  • 1.875m Passenger cabin 1+2 configuration

  • 1.875m Passenger door

  • 1.875m Tail cone

  • 0.625m 2 nose cones

  • 1.25m 6 nose cones

  • Conformal tanks for 1.875m, 2.5m, 3.125m and 3.75m

  • 2.5m Boeing 767/777 cockpit with adapters to 3.125m and 3.75m

  • 2.5m Douglas DC-8/9 cockpit

  • 2.5m Passenger cabin 2+2 configuration

  • 3.125m Airbus A350 Cockpit with adapter for 3.75m

  • 3.125m Douglas DC-10/11 Cockpit with adapter for 3.75m

  • 3.125m Passenger cabin 3+3 configuration

  • 3.75m Passenger cabin 2+3+2 configuration

  • 1.875m CF6 engine with under wing pylon

  • 0.9375m CF34 engine with side mount and under wing mount pylons

  • Modular Airliner wings

  • Modular Tail cone system

  • (list from old thread, as nothing changed)

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