Camera Tools

Stationary/flyby camera, atmospheric audio effects, and more

License: GPLv3

Game Version: 1.0.5

Source code: BahamutoD/CameraTools

Downloads: 33,213

Author: BahamutoD

Mod Website: Forum Thread

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Followers: 136

Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

This mod adds a tool that you can use to achieve various camera angles. It's helpful for getting cool shots for cinematics.

Main features:

  • Stationary camera position

  • Optical zoom - 1x up to one-thousand-something x

  • Mouse or keypad controlled camera movement

Quick guide:


  • Bring up the window by clicking on the Camera Tools icon on the stock toolbar, or by pressing " / " on the keypad.

  • Activate the camera mode by pressing the activation key (default is Home)

  • Revert back to the regular camera by pressing the revert key (default is End)


  • While the camera is active, use the middle mouse button and drag your mouse to move the camera around

  • Scroll up and down to move vertically

  • Use right click and drag to pan the camera (if you don't select a target)

  • You can also click "Set position w/ click" and then click somewhere in the world to move your camera there instantly.

  • You can also select "Manual Flyby Position" to set it to a point that is a given distance ahead, to the right, and above your vessel, relative to your velocity.

  • You can select "Auto Flyby Position" (disable manual first) to have this position set automatically (the distance ahead scales with your velocity)

  • Use the zoom slider to adjust optical zoom. If you have selected a target, you can also check the auto-zoom button to have it automatically zoom in on your target.


  • Click "Set target w/ click" then click on a vessel or part to set it as your target

  • You can also just click target self to target your active vessel's command unit

  • The camera will point at the target you select.

Reference Modes

Surface mode

  • In surface reference mode, the camera will stay stationary with the surface unless your vessel's surface velocity exceeds the set Max Relative Velocity, in which case it will move to maintain that relative velocity.

  • Setting a lower max relative velocity is useful if your vessel flies past the camera too quickly (high orbital velocity)

Orbit mode

  • The same as surface mode, but relative motion is based on orbital velocity. For example, at geostationary orbit, a vessel will be stationary in surface mode, but will fly past the camera in orbit mode.

Initial Velocity mode

  • In this mode, the camera will move in a straight line at the velocity your vessel was moving at when the camera was first activated.

  • This means your vessel will move away from the camera if you accelerate or turn away.

  • Select the "Orbital" check box to have the camera follow the curvature of your initial orbit.

Keypad Controls

  • You can enable this to control the camera with the keypad.

  • The speed of translation and zooming can be adjusted.

  • Keys:

8: forward

5: backward

4: left

6: right

7: up

1: down

9: zoom in

3: zoom out

(NEW) Dogfight mode
This mode is tailored towards filming dogfights. Without a target selected, the camera will act like a chase cam, following the active vessel's velocity vector.
With a target selected, the camera will move to keep both the active vessel and the target in frame.

The offset position of the camera can be adjusted using the sliders, or with the keypad if keypad control is enabled.

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