MMKO (More Major Kerbol Objects)

This is my first mod so i tried to make it nice! It adds 5 planets and 13 moons. It comes pre packaged with Boulderco and Scatterer. you need to install eve yourself.

License: MIT

Game Version: 1.11.2

Downloads: 348

Author: Kramken

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MMKO is a moderately size planet pack containing 5 planets and 13 moons. There are currently zero gas planets and i dont plan on adding any. all atmosperic worlds have either clouds or scatterer atmospheres. atmospheric worlds are special in this mod so they all get respective items for what they have

there are Super hot atmos (red diamond), Super Atmos (1.5-9.9 atm density), basic atmos (0.5,1.4 atm density), Melbin atmo(special because melbin is quite similar to kerbin and a good tourist destination), and lastly Hyper Atmos (10+ Atm density.)

From distance to the sun the object list is:

  • Wran: a boiling hot atmospheric world obiting much closer to the sun than Moho. 381 Km Radius 0.1807 g's. charred surface. Super hot atmo, Hyper atmo (12 atm) *Atmo visuals are buggy in tracking and map view and scaled in general here

  • Counus: Moho's only moon. extremely mountainous. quite colorful and a heavy normal map. 27km 0.01004 g's no atmosphere.

  • Kely: a tiny pink asteroid orbiting gilly. very mishapen and actually has good views of gilly. 2km 0.00006 g's no atmosphere.

  • Gamay: A green and white ball orbiting Minmus. some bumps are 0.3~ km tall. contains a very tiny ring. 9km 0.00835 g's no atmosphere

  • Evone: a very tiny spiky asteroid obiting ike. sphere of influnce smaller than some of its mountains. 4km 0.0038 g's no atmosphere.

  • Karami: a massive orange duna-like planet. amazing ring systems, slightly flat terrain. 2815 km 0.854 g's. Super atmosphere (3.8 atm)

  • Oistea: A soft colored close orbiter to karami. very flat but it makes it up by making it easier to see karami. 163 km 0.109 g's. no atmosphere

  • Milbin: a very kerbin like world orbiting in a perfect fashion with Karami. No water but has great ice caps and the craters get just above the clouds.for the perfect sight of Karami in the night. 517 km 0.944 g's. Has Melbin atmo because its mebin (0.961 atm)

  • Mininma: the third moon of Karami and a very special one. while it has no atmosphere it does have water. from space the water looks hazy greenish but from the space its just blue. has some really good views of karami. 35km 0.087 g's. no atmosphere.

  • Yar: the last moon of Karami. looks horrific. extemely mountainous. might have ok views from karami. 117 km 0.184 g's no atmosphere.

  • Poae: another massive planet. much more mountainous than Karami and a more pretty blue atmosphere. very close and small rings. big dense clouds. super high gravity. 1745 km 1.33 g's. hyper atmosphere. (23.66 atm) the atmosphere here is so dense a plane can take off at 9 m/s!

  • Flimbos: a very strange moon of Poae. Its very tiny and orbits in a gap of Poae's rings. it orbits unnaturally close to Poae and its backside is spiky while the bottom is super flat. 16km 0.0743 g's. no atmosphere.

  • Bloze: the most extreme body in the entire kerbol system. the most gravity, the densest atmosphere, the hottest atmosphere, more purple than eve, fast rotation, and its HUGE. 5388 km 3.11 g's. Hyper atmosphere, super hot atmosphere (44.6 atm)

  • Blushi: the only moon of Bloze: has a high quality color map. small moon with a special yellow haze to it. super flat but a great testing ground for planes. 366 km 0.22 g's. basic atmosphere. (0.33 atm)

  • Mali: a tiny asteroid orbiting Laythe. very bumpy. 5km 0.00711 g's. no atmosphere

  • Voze: a very similar cousin to vall but is orbiting vall. accidentally blasted the normal map so its weird. 23km 0.0233 g's. no atmosphere

  • Nho: the first body added to the system. orbiting tylo with nice rings. funky green and yellow texture with nice bumps. 8km 0.0096 g's. no atmo

  • Parvus: the last body in the system. its also the largest body in the system. has water and incredibly smooth. massive rings. 7918 km 0.785 g's. Super atmosphere (9.3 atm.) *this planet has VEEERRYY bright surfaces so if you land here prepare your eyes.

Version 1.0.0 for Kerbal Space Program 1.11.2

Released on 2021-05-01

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