Benjee10's Historical Kerbal Suits

Historically-inspired space suits and wearable props

License: All Rights Reserved

Game Version: 1.12.5

Downloads: 12,172

Author: Benjee10

Mod Website: Forum Thread

Followers: 56

Historical Kerbal Suits adds a selection of custom-made space suits utilising the stock suit switching system. Each suit is a complete retexture, with custom normal maps and a very high level of detail. 

Historical Suits also adds a selection of wearable props using a custom plugin and integrated with the stock inventory system to allow you to further personalise your spacesuits, and replicate real-world designs. 


Custom suit textures based on six real-world suit designs: Apollo A7L, A7LB, Sokol (Soyuz), Strizh (Buran), ACES (in orange & blue variants), and EMU (in four colour variants) Wearable Props integrated into the stock inventory system - the ACES Space Helmet (with working sun visor) and EMU Helmet Light (with working lights) IVA suit replacement via a custom plugin, so you actually get to see the suits in IVA! This can also be applied to your own custom suits - simply use the IVA{} block in the suit combos to define your IVA textures. The EMU suit uses the ACES orange suit as an IVA texture. 


Mercury, Gemini, Vostok and xEMU suits & helmets Additional  spacesuit-related wearable props Texture Replacer suit versions for KSP version 1.10 and previous


Historical Kerbal Suits REQUIRES KSP version 1.10 or later, but wearable props will only function with 1.11+ as they require the revised inventory system. 

If also using Texture Replacer, you MUST turn off 'PERSONALISE SUITS' in the Texture Replacer settings in the Space Center menu, or personalised suits will not display correctly. 

Two of the included suits, the Apollo & Sokol suits, are also bundled with Bluedog Design Bureau and Tantares respectively. To avoid duplicated suits in the astronaut complex, you can remove the appropriate 'Suits' folder from any of the three mods. 

Credits: Art by Benjee10 Plugin by ValiZockt

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