Interstellar Technologies - A KSPI-E Expansion CKAN

Interstellar Technologies, to the stars and beyond.

License: CC BY-NC-SA

Game Version: 1.12.1

Downloads: 22,986

Author: AtomicKepler

Mod Website: Forum Thread

Followers: 35

Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

[KSP 1.8.1-1.11.X] Interstellar Technologies

For more convinience, you may check my forums page:

An Interstellar Propulsion System mod, made by Kepler-


Drag EVERYTHING in the KSP-IT master folder into your Gamedata folder, and select "don't move" if there are any conflicts, unless you have extremely old versions of waterfall or something.

At long last, after months of hard work practicing modeling, and after finally unlocking the secrets to textures,  The mod is finally released. This parts pack will be used to expand from the mod Kerbal Space Program Interstellar Extended. Those parts are extremely imbalanced with going around the stock system. The engines are made off the base of the KSPI-E engines' statistics,


This mod is dependent on the mods below, you must download all of them for this mod to function properly.

- Kerbal Space Program Interstellar Extended [v1.26.25+] (Everything inside the folder)

- Waterfall [v0.6.2+]

- Engine Light Relit [Latest possible]

etc... Those dependencies are now INSIDE THE MASTER FOLDER.


Those are recommendations to download to play with the mod. They are NOT required.

- Far Future Technologies


- MEV Heavy Industries

- Galaxies Unbound - A Stellar Odyssey

- Near Future Mods by Nertea

- Singularity (For GU)

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