Eisenhower Astronautics CKAN

Adds stockalike Angara and Post-Soviet launch Vehicles.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Game Version: 1.12.5

Downloads: 9,761

Author: EStreetRockets

Mod Website: Forum Thread

Followers: 34

Eisenhower Astronautics

This mod adds the Angara launch vehicle family and the associated upper stages to KSP.. It is meant to mesh well with Tantares, Bluedog Design Bureau, and other stockalike mods. You can check out the roadmap to see concepts that potentially could be added


These components are required for the mod to function and are bundled with the download:

  • ModuleManager (4.1.4)
  • B9PartSwitch (2.17.0)
  • Community Resource Pack (1.4.2)
  • DeployableEngines (1.3.0)
  • Simple Adjustable Fairings (1.12.0)


Merge the GameData folder in the release .ZIP with the GameData folder in your KSP installation. All of the dependencies come included with the mod. The "Eisenhower-Astronautics" folder, as well all dependencies, should appear alongside the "Squad" folder.

Recommended Mods

The following mods are strongly recommended for an enhanced gameplay experience:

CryoTanks (1.6.0) - This provides a set of patches provide fuel-switching features for most basic LF and LF/O tanks as well as orbital fuel tanks specially designed to contain cryogenic fuels.

Waterfall (0.6.3) - A cool way to create and drive engine effects more effectively. If you want cool engine plumes, get this mod.


I certainly accept pull requests on Github. Please target the development branch. Or, you can make a constructive suggestion on the forum thread.

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