SSTO Project

SSTO project add wide range of high-performance spacecraft parts

License: MIT

Game Version: 1.12.5

Source code: Monniasza/SSTO-Project

Downloads: 23,745

Author: Monniasza

Mod Website: Forum Thread

Followers: 10

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Check out the add-on, Ultimate Part Converter and my new game, MultiMachineBuilder

Supported mods:

  • SpaceY (both mods) - for large nuclear engines
  • Making History - Size 1.5 nuclear engine
  • HGR - high performance chemical engines
  • Procedural Parts - when installed, it alsoo adds LPG versions of procedural tanks.
  • Procedural Start - when installed, the LPG procedural tanks unlock immediately.

Recommended mods:

Kerbal Engineer Redux - to correctly display performance of nuclear jets


SSTO Project now includes LPG. To get converted engines, get Ultimate Part Converter here


  • Toroidal Aerospike Nuke - a high-performance nuclear engine intended for use in SSTOs with Real Solar System
  • Advanced Aerospike Jet Engine - a high-performance aerospike hypersonic turboscramjet and cooled rocket for use with oxygenated atmospheres
  • NSABRE - a high-performance nuclear aerospike hypersonic turboscramjet and NTR hybrid for use with all atmospheres
  • SuperJet - hybrid IGRAF/ABGRAF (internal gas recirculation aerial fusion/air breathing gas recirculation aerial fusion) air-augmented jet and rocket engine
  • High performance nuclear engines:
  • 250% times the thrust, 40% the mass and 180% the efficienncy of the stock nuke
  • 100% times the thrust, ~10% the mass and ~106% the efficiency of the stock nuke
  • MR13 "Soyuz Launcher", MR12 "Doubly Intermediate", MR11 "Medium Interplanetar" - high performance chemical 1.875m rockets


  • Cyclotron - aerial fusion reactor for creating large amounts of electricity from liquid fuel. Each unit of fuel provides 52.800 gigajoules of energy.
  • Nuclear Battery - battery which stores large amounts of electricity


  • Wings and Elevons ending with "+" in name - aerodynamic surfaces with 10 times more aerodynamic strength


  • Science Room, Science Package, Advanced Science Package and Ultimate Science Package - next tiers of science labs, each weighs 10 tons and has 6 seats, last one is experiment too.


  • Air Liquefiers - convert different planetary atmospheres into MonoPropellant (for 100% MP, use KSPIE with any atmosphere), Oxidizer (oxygenated atmospheres only) and LiquidFuel (optionally requires Explodium Breathing Engines)
  • Fuel Scoop - slowly generate small amounts of fuel
  • Change tech of external seat to "Start"
  • Change tech of Size 1 pod to Engineering 101 Science:
  • Ultimate Science Package is now its own experiment - see science parts
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