WW2 Warships

Ability to create real sized warships for use with BDA and NAS, and sink them.

License: LGPL

Game Version: 1.1

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Author: Azimech

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Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

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Version 0.5 for Kerbal Space Program 1.1

Released on 2016-03-14

Changelog & short manual for WW2 Warships and Big Ships 0.5


Major update 0.5 changes a lot of parts! This breaks most ships built before 0.5. Here are instructions to solve this. Prior to updating to version 0.5 do the following:

  1. Make a backup of your ship.
  2. Remove the following parts from your ship: ship turbine(s), boiler(s), electrical generator(s), funnel(s), rudder(s), turret hardpoint(s) and save it.
  3. Update your version of WW2 Warships and/or Big Ships to version 0.5
  4. Add the new parts to your ship.

Changelog 0.5:

  • Replaced Squad models for ship turbine, boiler, turret hardpoints, electrical generator and funnel with my own. They're not very refined yet and the textures are lacking, but I've only just started in the world of 3D modeling. Textures will not be updated before KSP 1.1 arrives because I then want to use the material based shaders of Unity 5.
  • Boiler: added a second type (called Boiler Alternative) with internal mechanic using ModuleEngineFX so they can be throttled. This gives the ability to lower fuel consumption based on power requirement. These boilers produce smoke and sound. Their throttle response is slow. See the note about individual throttles.
  • Boiler: original boiler still uses ModuleResourceConverter for anyone not interested in the ability to throttle them. Fuel consumption is high, they don't produce smoke nor sound.
  • Electrical Generator: added a larger one, increased power requirement but not entirely at the level I want them. The sound is more like a generator.
  • Ship turbine: nice three bladed animated propeller using stock FXModuleAnimateThrottle. Small problem: they don't rotate when put in reverse.
  • Ship turbine: added a velocity curve. This means a lot of torque for accelerating from zero speed to overcome the stock mechanic to slow ships down if their speed is lower than 1 knot. I capped it on the other end so sadly no more ships reaching fantasy speeds. They are able to work on land so people who want to drive their ships to the sea are still able to do it without extra engine parts.
  • Added a simple bridge model in three sizes (WW2W only) No IVA or kerbal entry/exit yet.
  • BDA and NAS have reworked their way of doing damage so I had to adjust a lot of part parameters.
  • Lowered mass on most parts, don't be surprised your ship will have half the mass of what it used to ... it's a bit closer to real life. Take care with heavy turrets and your CoM, in some cases it's needed to widen the ship or place more buyoant parts on the inside of the outer hull. Capsizing is a real danger!
  • Increased thermalMassModifier for most parts, especially crucial parts like boilers and electrical generators. BDA/NAS weapons work with heat and this heat can easily go right through a ship, so increasing thermalMassModifier can be translated as "increasing armor rating".
  • Modified buoyancy rating for most parts because of decreased mass. Check your existing ships, most of them will need to be rebalanced. Warning, ships can now capsize.
  • Modified rudder max deflection to be more in line with the decreased mass. If you feel your ship becomes to sluggish, add another one.
  • Changed LiquidFuel to HeavyFuelOil. This was needed because of a certain flow rule of the original and it wouldn't let it be bypassed. All hull types A have this new fuel.
  • Command center and bridges now have the Davon Trottle Control Systems module embedded in. If you want to have individual control of boilers, electrical generators and turbines, install this mod. It's not needed but I really recommend it.

  • All ships built before 0.5 will have a maximum amount of water which is higher than in the revised hull plating A. This is because of how KSP stores resources in craft files. It's recommended to use the text replace function of a text editor like Notepad++ to give them the right value. Note: only applies to WW2 Warships. Big Ships does not use this mechanic. Notepad++ can also be easily used to replace the obsolete LiquidFuel resource with HeavyFuelOil or just reduce it's value to zero.

The correct amount per plate:

  • A11 - 150
  • A22 - 300
  • A44 - 600
  • A48 - 1200
  • A88 - 2400

Changelog 0.41:

  • Changed file/folder structure a bit, because of the birth of "Big Ships", WW2W's sister mod. A lot of files have gone to the shared folder. The mods are 100% compatible and will stay that way.
  • Changed the model of the rudder, check orientation on your ships. At least this one is paintable.
  • Removed the CoM offset on the keels and hardpoints, this seemed a good idea two months ago but they can cause issues with physics. Better shipbuilding is the way to go.
  • Added a bow thruster. No, it won't make your ship turn much faster than with a good set of rudders. It's primarily for movement in ports when speeds are low.
  • Added various panels for more detailed ship building.
  • Added a new "tiny" keel.

Changelog 0.4:

  • Replaced the model for the keels with my own. Changed CoM up closer to the keel. Ships will list more when damaged, there's a risk of capsizing.
  • Hull plating Type A now includes fuel tanks. This lowers part count.
  • Ship turbines and electrical generators now have active radiators. They consume electrical energy.
  • Lowered crash and breaking tolerance for a number of deck & structural plates, changed some buoyancy values.
  • Included a placeholder model for a bridge or command center. Just a MK2 lander can with 20 seats. No internals. Keeps part count down, Take Command is buggy and/or Kraken bait. Plus the kerbals are better protected.
  • Another part added called Orientation Fixer, just an indestructible docking port. The MK2 lander can has the wrong orientation. Will be obsolete with a model for bridge/conning tower.
  • Increased thermal mass of the smoke funnels.
  • Changed water "production" speed & max amount of hull plating type A, increased power requirement of the bilge pumps. The larger the ship, the more power you need. Sinking ships will be faster, good for gameplay. More management is needed to divert electrical and steam resources when taking damage and prevent sinking.
  • Command centers have the BDArmory weapon manager included. Lowers part count.
  • Replaced the example frigate with a light cruiser, the one in the battle album. I am happy with the cruiser and the frigate had too much work to adapt to the new version.
  • Increased steam requirements for running the electrical generators. It's not yet at the level I want it. There will be an incentive to balance resources between propulsion and electrical.

Changelog 0.35:

  • Replaced all rectangles and triangles with models of my own. They're simple and crude but the colliders run to the edge, no kerbals falling through decks anymore. IT's getting used to but in the end ships will look better. The texture is minimalistic, use KerbPaint to make everything a bit more interesting.
  • All Hull-A plates now have bilge pumps in them, but they cost a lot of energy. It's not balanced yet. This move was motivated by the will to decrease part count and make pumping less of a hassle and make energy management more interesting.

Changelog 0.3: * Kerbpaint support! Also a few new parts.

Changelog 0.23: * Bilge pumps work now! * Changed engine sounds and made them louder. * Did some balancing on buoyancy, electric generator, ship engines, boilers and thermal mass. * Some new smaller parts.

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Version 0.41.1 for Kerbal Space Program 1.0.5

Released on 2016-02-22

No changelog provided

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