C.E.D.A Aeronautics Division Stockalike Airplane Parts Pack v1.0 CKAN

Airplane parts for you to experiment with! From elevons to Open Rotor Turboprop engines, to even Nuclear Aerospikes!

License: MIT licence

Game Version: 1.7.3

Downloads: 8,694

Author: KerboNerd

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Followers: 17

Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

NEW DISCORD https://discord.gg/yQBam7d

Be sure to dispute any issues regarding the mod there! https://github.com/KerboNerd/C.E.D.A-Aeronautics-Division

Short introduction

Tired of struggling to build craft that look nice? Is struggling with Breaking Ground rotors too much of a hassle? C.E.D.A Aeronautics Division Stockalike Airplane Parts Pack can help. With parts such as the tail intake and radial propellers, you can make replica aircraft extremely easily.

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Parts in this modpack

  • Aircraft Aileron 1
  • Aircraft Extending Aileron 1
  • "Argos" Thermo-Nuclear Afterburning Aerospike NA-422
  • "Hercules" Open Rotor TurboProp engine
  • "Stratos" Open Rotor engine
  • "Hercules" Inline Open Rotor TurboProp engine
  • "Argos" Radial Engine Adapter
  • "Argos" Radial Attachment Beam
  • "Argos" RAM Intake GF-466
  • "Argos" Spike Intake CM-676
  • "Argos" Aircraft Tail Wing with intake GX-633
  • "Argos" Airplane Wing GL-663


  • No known issues yet.
  • In case you run into any, make sure to file the issue on the mod's GIThub page!

Required Mods

  • Module Manager
  • Firespitter


  1. Place the folders from the downloaded folder into your game's "GameData" folder.
  2. If asked to replace files, do so.

Be sure let me know about the bugs you run into! That really helps the further development of the mod!

Special thanks to:

Not_Not_F (Descriptions) JadeOfMaar (Part config writing and checking)

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