HabTech2 CKAN

HabTech2 is a complete revamp of my previous ISS Parts mod, HabTech. Contains parts emulating the US modules of the International Space Station and more.

License: ARR

Game Version: 1.12.5

Source code: benjee10/HabTech2

Downloads: 74,997

Author: Benjee10

Mod Website: Forum Thread

Followers: 174

Featuring parts designed to replicate the US Orbital Section (USOS) of the International Space Station as of 2023, including:

  • Pressurised modules & cupola
  • Integrated Truss Structure & solar arrays, including iROSA
  • External payloads & experiments
  • Other structural pieces, science parts and antennas
  • Canadarm2 & Mobile Base System
  • New additions to the ISS such as BEAM, Bishop airlock, and more

Tantares is recommended to build the Russian Orbital Section (ROS).

Craft files are also included for the USOS (standalone), International Space Station in 2003, 2011 and 2023 configurations (requires Tantares), and Space Station Freedom (1991 configuration).


All hard dependencies are bundled with the release:

  • Module Manager
  • Community Resource Pack
  • B9PartSwitch
  • Benjee10 Shared Assets
  • HabTech Props
  • HabTech Robotics
  • You will also need Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground DLC for robotics parts.


  • Shaddy & Textures Unlimited - provides translucent shaders for solar array parts
  • Neptune Camera - provides camera functionality for camera mast part
  • Waterfall - Waterfall FX are provided for lights and RCS thrusters
  • Limited support for TAC LS
  • Community Category Kit - adapted from configs by Lennon
  • Installation

Place the contents of GameData/ into your KSP/GameData/ directory. If you already have HabTech2, benjee10_sharedAssets or htRobotics installed, please delete the existing mod folders in your GameData directory before installing the new versions to avoid compatibility issues.

Craft files require the latest version of Tantares.

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