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License: MIT

Game Version: 1.6.1

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Author: _Zee

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NOTE: KSP Version 1.6+ is a requirement. Prior versions of KSP are not supported.

NOTE: ModuleManager is a required dependancy.

NOTE: CommunityTechTree is a required dependancy.

I present a CTT overhaul I have been working on since the release of 1.6. I call it Probes Before Crew, and it does what it says on the box; it places remote technologies far ahead of crewed alternatives on the tech tree while also placing greater significance and reward on crewed actions and achievements as a result. The intent of this mod is to make your career campaigns balanced, intuitive, and challenging by ensuring all the mods that you are using interact with one another in a coherent way on the tech tree.

If you would like to have a look through my notes and read a more verbose explanation of my changes and the reasoning behind a lot of my choices, please visit my thread on the official KSP forums.

= = = = = For now, the Highlights:

  • In General, all tech categories were stretched out a bit to enjoy all the new leg-room the CTT gives us.

  • Probe Cores come first, and now possess their own form of crew report, the 'Telemetry Report'. Cockpits don't show up until T4, and Command Modules must wait until T5.

  • Antenna, Electrical, Science, Utilities, Thermals, ISRU, etc;  they have all been re-positioned [and in some cases mildly tweaked] with careful consideration of one another.

  • Science Overhauled and Re-balanced; Experiments are less tedious, more spread out across the tech tree branches, and place higher significance/reward on experiments that REQUIRE a Kerbal be present. 

    • PLEASE NOTE: Science rewards have been reduced overall. I recommend you do not set the Science slider below 70%, and that's under the assumption you are at least using DMagic Orbital Science (If not, consider moving the slider higher).
  • A purpose-built, completely optional Contract Pack by Zee that overhauls the economy of the game and aims to make it more challenging.

    • PLEASE NOTE: Just like the notice above about Science, I recommend you keep your funds slider at least at 80% if using PBC Contracts. The economy has been overhauled and made much more challenging. You will feel the difference between 100% > 90% > 80%.

= = = = = Supported Mods (so far)

"Supported" Mod means I have gone through every part, science definition, and entry/VAB cost for that mod and placed everything in a way as to be consistent with all other supported mods. This means a unified, intuitive, and logical experience as you progress through the tech tree with all your favorite mods. This is a work in progress and there a ton of mods I want to support so the list will grow over time.

As of right now, Probes Before Crew covers:

  1. Vanilla Parts.

  2. Making History Expansion.

  3. Pairs well with Strategia.

  4. Works out of the box with KAS and KIS.

  5. DMagic Orbital Science.

  6. Kerbal Operating System.

  7. Kerbalism. = = = = = = (Kerbalism Users must read the readme first)

  8. Near Future (All 7 Packs).

  9. Missing History.

  10. Probe Control Room.

  11. RealChute.

  12. RemoteTech.

  13. SCANsat.

  14. StationPartsExpansionRedux.

  15. TAC Life Support.

  16. Universal Storage 2.

Version 2.3 for Kerbal Space Program 1.6.1

Released on 2019-01-19

//// Version 2.3 Changes

*Added Kerbalism Support

*Added Probe Control Room Support

Moved Science Definitions to a separate file named Zs_Science.cfg. -Deleting this file will return Science values to vanilla settings and will allow other mods Science Defs to take precedence.

Removed autoAccept feature from all contracts. -Causing more problems than its worth, I'll bring it back when the bug is fixed. 


Version 2.2 for Kerbal Space Program 1.6.1

Released on 2019-01-17

//// Version 2.2 Changes

*Added Near Future Support (all 7 modules; 257 parts reviewed)

*Added RealChute Support

*Added KAS Support (no cfg needed)

*Added KIS Support (no cfg needed)

*Added miniAVC.

Corrected typo preventing Atmospheric Analysis part from appearing in tech tree.

Shifted 0.6m vanilla RCS tank to flight control branch, one node earlier.

Shifted 1.8m and 2.5m vanilla RCS tanks one and two nodes later, respectively.

Shifted short-size 2.5m LFO fuel tank to same node as first 2.5m engine unlocks.

Shifted mid-size 2.5m LFO fuel tanks one node later.


Version 2.1 for Kerbal Space Program 1.6.1

Released on 2019-01-13

//// Version 2.1 Changes

The "Contracts Are Finally Working Exactly As Intended" Update.

*Improved Contract Vessel Tracking.

Removed option to cancel contracts. No longer needed.

Small increases to select contract payouts.

Reworked parameter rewards to increase difference between each step. -ie "Fly By" pays less and "Return" pays more

Corrected lack of SPLASHED condition check for Eve and Laythe.

Gave Dres Contracts. Whoops

Corrected parameter message for Crewed Ike contract.


Version 2.03 for Kerbal Space Program 1.6.1

Released on 2019-01-13

//// Version 2.03 Changes

Created new "Tiny Basic Fin" part intended for 0.6m profiles. Available at Start.

Shifted 0.6m Nose Cone two nodes earlier.

Shifted FL-A5 (Nearly flat 0.6 > 1.2) Adapter three nodes earlier.

Added basic Kopernicus support. -- Contracts are still only built for stock planets, but they will work as intended in your Kopernicus install now.

Corrected bug that prevented Eeloo contract from working correctly.


Version 2.02 for Kerbal Space Program 1.6.1

Released on 2019-01-11

//// Version 2.02 Changes

25% increase to mini-milestone funding rewards.

100% increase to Layer 1 science rewards.

~250% increase to Layer 1 funding rewards.

~25% increase to Layer 2 funding rewards.

To update an ongoing save, after replacing the old ProbesBeforeCrew with the new one, press Alt-F12 in-game, click Contracts, Tools, and REGENERATE CURRENT CONTRACTS

//// Version 2.01 Changes

Increased funding-rewards for Layer 1 and Layer 2 contracts (hit em with the nerf hammer too hard)

To update an ongoing save, after replacing the old ProbesBeforeCrew with the new one, press Alt-F12 in-game, click Contracts, Tools, and REGENERATE CURRENT CONTRACTS

Small typo fix in Layer 3 Contract config​​​​​​​

//// Version 2.0 Changes

*Added Original PBC Contract Pack ||

Shifted kOS 0.6m to Start Node ||

Shifted kOS 1.2m one node earlier ||

Shifted kOS Basic Radial one node earlier ||

Updated kOS map ||

Updated Missing History map ||

​​​​​​​-No changes needed for KSP 1.6.1 ||

//// Version 1.7 Changes

*Added RemoteTech Support

//// Version 1.6 Changes

*Added Missing History Support First pass on vanilla and MH fuel tanks.

First pass on vanilla and MH engines. Shifted Mk2 lander one node later. Shifted Mk1-3 CM one node earlier. Shifted Mk2 CM one node earlier. Shifted 1.2m Reaction Wheel one node earlier. Shifted 1.2m Nose cones one node earlier. Shifted Z1k battery one node earlier. Corrected Entry and VAB costs for a few SPER parts.

//// Version 1.5 Changes

*Added StationPartsExpansionRedux Support

*Telemetry Report experiment is now present on all Probes.

First pass on all vanilla structural parts, and a few misc parts. Corrected placement of MH 1.8m HS. Corrected placement of vanilla 2.5m Hitchhiker module. Shifted placement of vanilla 2.5m Docking Port one node earlier.

//// Version 1.4 Changes

*Added kOS Support.

*Added TAC-LS Support.

*Added SCANsat Support.

Moved vanilla cupola one node later. Corrected entry and part costs for vanilla CMs. Corrected entry and part cost for RC-LO1 (largest probe core).

//// Version 1.3 Changes

*Added Universal Storage 2 support

General rule of thumb is if the US2 part is some improved version of an already existing part, it appears one node later than that original part. US2 Part costs were also heavily rebalanced, they were frequently way too cheap. First pass on vanilla ladders. First pass on vanilla decouplers. First pass on Making History decouplers and engine plates. First pass on vanilla docking ports. First pass on Making History docking port. Submitted mod for inclusion on CKAN.

//// Version 1.21 Changes

*Added Making History support

When Making History is detected, the CM placements are shuffled slightly so things stay nice and granular. Mk1 Lander shifted one node earlier. Mk2 Lander shifted one node later. Mk1-3 shifted one node later. Corrected placement of Rover Body part. Forgot to reference the new _v2 variant. Reordered Service Modules. Switched direct and relay ranges. Direct variants are unlocked before their Relay counterpart and have a longer range, but are incapable of relaying signals . Now you really have choices to make.

////Version 1.1 Changes

*Added DMagic Orbital Science support

Added more verbose tags for MM, should prevent compatibility issues. Added SAS to Stayputnik so the first 5 minutes aren't so difficult. Corrected Atmospheric Sensor not appearing in the tech tree.


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