KSPDev LogConsole

Advanced console to access the in-game logs

License: Public Domain

Game Version: 1.12.5

Downloads: 4,966

Author: ihsoft

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The standard in-game debugging console (Alt+F12) is not very convenient when many third-party mods are installed in the game. There is a lot of flood, and it's hard to understand what mod produced which records. It becomes even harder to work with the console when the records are being added at a high rate. This mod presents the logs in a better organized form.

By default the new console is activated by pressing the Back Quote key, but it can be changed in the settings file. You still can open the stock game log console. However, it's very unlikely you'd like to do so.


  • A full screen window mode improves visibility.
  • An advanced system of logs filtering. You can blacklist the sources you don't want to see the logs from.
  • The stack trace for any log record allows you figuring out the source module.
  • Each log record has a "source" label, a short version of the full stack trace that says where this record came from (basically, the full method name).
  • The log records have a timestamp which helps in the retrospective analysis of the events.
  • The ability to save the logs into files for even better retrospective analysis.
  • A quick filter can be applied to see the logs of the specific types only: INFO, WARNING, ERROR or EXCEPTION.
  • A pause mode to freeze the view when the logs records are added too fast.
  • Two special modes for handling the high frequency logs (e.g. when logging from Update() method). In Condensed and Smart modes multiple repeated records are collapsed into just one line.
  • The console settings can be adjusted via settings.cfg file.

This list above is not a complete list of the features. Read more about the features in Wiki. Or, simply install the mod and play with it!

See the demonstration screenshots on Imgur.


You can support this and the other of my mods on Patreon. This is where I post my ideas, prototypes and the features development progress.

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