Connected Living Space CKAN

This mod identifies areas within a vessel that can be crewed by Kerbals and through which kerbals can pass internally to reach other parts that can be crewed.

License: CC BY-NC-CA 4.0

Game Version: 1.12.3

Downloads: 305,931

Authors: Papa_Joe, micha

Mod Website: Forum Thread

Followers: 346

Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program. Proceed with caution.

Connected Living Space (CLS)


PapaJoe has returned. So I (Micha) have relinquished maintenance of this mod back to PapaJoe. codepoetbowden has kindly added me to the maintainers of the GitHub repository. Further details can be found in the forum thread.

Codepoet's real life is preventing him from supporting CLS. He has asked and I have volunteered to support CLS going forward. Codepoet is NOT gone, but has no time. Therefore, I'm cloning his OP and creating a new thread to continue the support and maintenance of CLS. Source code and download locations will remain the same, only the forum thread is changing.

The link to the original CLS thread is here. the Forum mods have locked the original thread, so post your needs in this thread going forward.

You will also need ModuleManager to load the configs.

CLS supports KSP-AVC, an addon version checker. If you have KSP-AVC inistalled, it will detect when CLS needs to be updated. CLS also is listed in CKAN for your automatic installation convenience.

You can access the source code here.

If you spot a bug please let me know. Ideally bugs should be raised in Github, but if that is too much to ask then post on this thread or the development thread. More helpful than raising a bug report is to raise a bug report with lots of information about how to reproduce the problem, and with logs files, save files, craft files etc. Even more helpful is to write a fix by forking the code in Github, and then generating a pull request

Introduction This mod identifies areas within a vessel that can be crewed by Kerbals and through which kerbals can pass internally to reach other parts that can be crewed. It is provided to make the concept of connected living spaces easily available to other mod developers and so to provide a single consistent understanding of which pars connect to each other, bringing together both multiple features via plugins and multiple part pack via configurations.

CLS itself has a simple GUI to show the player which parts are connected to which. It also has an optional feature that conforms the stock crew transfer system to CLS's view of internal connectivity.

CLS API WIKI - of interest to modders using CLS in their own mods.

There is also some early documentation in the development thread. While CLS is primarily an API, it will operate in standalone mode, and does offer a few features. Check out Acessing CLS and CLS Features in the Wiki for details.

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